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This one is about the list. It use handy, as it allows you to view your spending at a glance. What would be useful though, is if you can select what a month is. Currently it is set at calendar month, understandably. If you could change that, say to fit in with your personal pay month, that would be even better for budgeting and reviewing spending.

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You’ll be pleased to know this has been raised elsewhere and has benefited from considerable support.

You’ll find a lot of valuable stuff across the forum with great ideas and healthy discussion. Feel free to contribute.

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It would be good if it could be set at the start of the tax year and run monthly from that until the end of the tax year so you don’t get one month split accross two tax years


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Could we get an update as to when we can define our own months? Spending insights are a bit skewed for me as I budget on my spreadsheets from the 18th of one month to the 17th of the next. This lines up with my pay day. @sarah.guha


I would like to be able to define my own spending month. What I mean is that I get paid on the 28th of each month so it’s more meaningful for me to see my spending from 28th of one month to the 28th of the next. If I could define my own month it would make life just that little bit easier.


Hi there,

Currently considering switching to Starling from Monzo but would like to know whether Starling has custom spending periods. I get paid on the 25th each month so the monthly spending targets, breakdowns etc are a bit pointless for me atm.

If Starling had this I would definitely consider switching (will probably switch anyway) but was wondering whether this feature has been implemented or is planned?



Many many months ago there was an announcement of a “coming soon” spending targets feature and I had mentioned the same thing then. I also get paid around 20th so calendar months were totally useless. Looks like this is still “coming soon” as there hasn’t been much of an update since. It is not easy to get much from Starling about ETA of future developments so you really have to be patient


Given that Starling is all about helping customers to manage their money better, it may be better if we could set the dates of the calendar around salary date, so a spending month, for example, ran from the 22nd of one month to the 21st of the next. Having it set as a calendar month cuts across two salary periods for many people.

Just a thought!


It needs not to be just monthly but, 4 weekly, 2 weekly, and weekly options too.


Agree. A small change that would make a significant impact on usability.


My ten penneth also last working day of the month :+1:


+1 for the last working day of the month. It’s all very well being able to choose custom dates but salary/wages isn’t necessarily a set date - mine is the last working date and there are lots of other scenarios as well - eg opaid weekly every Friday and also, even if it is a set date you may get paid before that if the day falls at the weekend so being able to define some rules around period start would be great.


And then I’m second-last working day of the month. I suspect you’ll get more and more people adding varioues requests/options! Suggest the best way to do it would be to create a settings page along the lines of the meeting recurrence dialog in Outlook, but with additional “last/second last/third last” checkboxes. Agree that it’s high up my wishlist to be able to set my payday, but I don’t envy anyone trying to define the requirements and UI for that one!



Your requirement has been echoed by several, not surprisingly, given the variety of pay arrangements out there.

I’ve no doubt the development team will have it in their lengthy to-do list. As you say, whichever way they deliver it, user-configuration is the order of the day.


And with all the different options keeping it as user friendly as possible


Suppose there’s people with multiple employee pay days as well. If you work 2 part time jobs Starling would need to understand that too.

Otherwise I was going to suggest something like - tag your paycheque. Software could restart the month each time it sees money arrive from that account.



That’s one of the biggest things I’m missing, getting paid 4 weekly is great, but would make it easier if I could actually see my spending over the 4 weeks rather than over a month


Hey @StarlingSupport and community

Tiny suggestion that might be fairly quick to implement: can we please set when each pay-month begins?

EG: My July began on 28th June (payday) and the vast majority of my July spending (bills, goals, savings) were made on June 28,28,30

This means my July insight only reflects a tiny portion of my July spending and then muddys the view of my August spending (which begins July 27)

Thank you :slight_smile:



Hey @liamcumber!

It’s on the list. We have it grouped under ‘Custom dates for Spending Insights and statements’

Seems to be a request that has picked up some steam :slightly_smiling_face: