eBay Payment Issues


I’ve just failed to pay for a purchase on eBay using my Starling card. It was unable to authorise the transaction. I checked all my security settings for the card and tried again…same result.
I then had to resort to my usual payment method, my credit card.
Instant authorisation , I can’t understand the problem with the Starling card.
Any ideas?
Edit: Just gone into my PayPal account to try and add the card to my wallet.
It won’t accept it!:persevere::angry:


PayPal works for me.
Have you spoken with CS already?


PayPal works fine for me; I added Starling as a bank instead of adding the card though.

The Direct Debit was set up without any issues.


did you contact @StarlingSupport? I don’t have problems with paypal/starling but as others I added it as a bank account instead of a card


Strange PayPal using my card worked fine for me too I agree with the above poster contact @StarlingSupport I have starling as dd or card and both work fine.


Cheers everyone. I’ll get in touch with CS, see what they say.


Let us know what the issue was please :+1:t2:


Not had a problem with Paypal adding card as well as bank, payments have been taken through paypal via my card without any issues.


Have raised this ‘issue’ I thought it only fair I update you…
I contacted customer services and it would appear my aging eyesight along with a lack of silver on the embossed cards numbers have combined to enable me to input an incorrect expiry date​:roll_eyes::no_mouth::hushed:
I have now successfully added my card to PayPal.
I haven’t bought anything from eBay yet but anticipate no problems whatsoever now.
Specsavers awaits.:grin:


Haha, glad it’s sorted :slight_smile:


@DoubleSocks we have all done this from time to time. Glad it’s sorted for you.


@DoubleSocks don’t forget, the full card number is displayed in the app - easier to read than the card itself :+1:t2: