easyJet Boarding Passes ✈️


Just seen today that Starling are advertising on the paper easyJet boarding passes. Great news - it was from the British Airways inflight magazine & flyertalk that I found out about Monzo… Great work!


Awesome job and what a great way to advertise


Yes indeed.


You’d think they wouldn’t want to advertise as a travel card and get the freeloaders?


I wonder how many will sign up without realising it’s a beta product


I reckon anyone that does is more likely to be energised for being part of something new, than by whether the current account is in beta (whatever that means).

Hopefully, if they join this forum, they’ll benefit, also, from the chat around the current account’s features and the buzz about being on the journey.


As I said, I signed up to Monzo in February because of an article in the British Airways Highlife Magazine - I don’t think that really is too much of a concern.


Plenty of threads for you to talk “beta” :slight_smile: let’s appreciate the advert


it would be good if they could do so without having to set up an account with Facebook or Github…that is still a HUGE annoyance


I do agree, hopefully this will change