Easyjet adds fee


I know this is an actual issue that Easyjet needs to sort out but thought I’d put it out there and let others know that Easyjet don’t seem to know Starling’s Mastercard is a debit as they charge a percentage as if it’s a credit card. Have let them know and will be getting refunded.


They clearly need to update their BIN database.

It’s showing as a Debit card on pretty much every lookup service I have tried. EasyJet must have a very old version of the database.


@xstex do easyJet do the same as Ryanair? They charge for prepaid cards?
Whilst I know Starling is a debit card perhaps there records are not up to date as others suggest above.


They charge only for credit cards, their system flags Starling incorrectly.


Sounds like a clear cut case for a refund of the fee. Let us know how you get on.


Just did a booking with easyJet using the card. It came up with a box to confirm if it is a Debit MasterCard or MasterCard. When clicking on the Debit MasterCard it doesn’t add the fee… Works fine for me.


They did refund me.


They must have changed it then.