Easier way to see balances



Just had a thought whilst using the app after recently setting up an account with Wealthsimple. Currently the only way i can see to check the balance through the Starling app is to navigate to the little main menu in the top right, then marketplace and wait for it to load.

Could there be an easier / more intuitive way? For example it’s so easy that the login screen shows your balance, and you tap goals and instantly there are boxes showing balances of whatever goals you have set up - could there be something for any marketplace balances?

Personally i feel as though i will use the “Card” button the least. My logic here is:
Who needs to lock / unlock their cards daily / very regularly, get pin reminders or change security settings. Perhaps this would do well in the main menu.

To replace maybe add a “Marketplace” button which shows you balances / basic details of any ACTIVE marketplace accounts / addons you have?

Just food for thought… I may be the only one that would find this useful :slight_smile:


Hi @Rijack. This was something I raised a little while back when PensionBee was added to the Marketplace. Here is @Megan_Caywood’s response to that particular point:

Hope that helps.


Ahh fantastic, thank you Rob! Perhaps I should have done a little more research!:sweat_smile: