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Big welcome to everyone who has recently joined the community :wave:

Bit of housekeeping:

Duplicate Topics

Please use the search to look for a topic or answer to something before creating a new topic about a subject which already exists - I like a tidy community :nerd_face:

Any question, of course give us a shout




At this rate I’m going to start copypasta-ing my answer about why the cards are all the same, and how they hopefully won’t be soon, i’m getting bored of retyping the same thing so often… :joy::joy::joy:


I’ve had to resist the urge to create a new thread called… Duplicate Topics :joy:


Sorry Starling Gurus are unable to merge, close, lock, split etc threads. This can only be done by certain Starling Staff.


Yeah I know.

I reckon the Gurus should be able to merge threads at least.


Hey @LoganAllan - Any chance you can let the gurus merge threads?

It’s becoming a bit of a minefield of semi identical threads now (for example, we could have an entire thread on “positive customer service feedback” - As well as the opposite… :sweat_smile:

Same for some of the features etc - The gurus here seem well places to tidy it up.


It’s the 'customer service feedback, ‘positive customer service’, ‘much improved customer service’ ‘customer service’, ‘experience with Starling customer service’ stuff that makes me laugh! It took a few minutes of searching, but i knew there was already a recent thread to add my experience to rather than start a new one, it seemed madness that there wouldn’t be an existing one somewhere!

From the experience of ‘the other place’, i’d generally argue for no extra powers for Gurus, but we have such a great group here, it sounds like a no-brainer in this case!


I think some people like to make a point, so it stands out (which is fair enough, as tagging what you may feel is an important issue onto an old thread has the potential to be lost), but it then leads to many many duplicate posts.


Don’t worry, we’ve got something up our sleeves for the Gurus :wink:


This sounds exciting :wink:


All will be revealed soon™ enough


All banished to the Monzo forum I presume?? :joy:


Sounds good


Never! :stuck_out_tongue:


No one here is that rude, not even me…


Could we pin this at the top or something perhaps?


Indeed. :slight_smile: