Domino's Pizza - Card not accepted online (not Apple Pay)


I know there have been issues in the past with Domino’s and Apple Pay, but that is not my issue.

I’ve tried placing an online order tonight and got a message “error processing your card. Contact your CSR”. Luckily they accept PayPal, which worked successfully (linked to my Starling debit card).

Has anyone had similar issues?


Hi there @Daesimpso! Sorry that you’ve experienced this issue. We are aware, and MasterCard is currently working to resolve this.


Thanks. Is this confined to Domino’s or a wider issue?


Wider. Monzo forum has users with same issue using Tesco, EAT etc. Had to pay with Visa


I should have been clearer. Is it a wider issue caused by a current outage, or wider with a number of certain vendors that’s been going on a while?

It is ages since I found anywhere not accepting my card


My understanding is it’s a MasterCard issue affecting everyone paying with MasterCard