Do personalities matter?


I watched this video recently which had the chiefs of Monzo, N26, and Revolut together onstage talking about their respective products.

Afterwards, I was asking myself “does it matter what the commanders-in-chiefs are really like, and should their personalities affect my choice to use (or not use) the products and services they’re peddling?”. After all… it’s just business, right?

Now whilst not on this stage, having seen @anne in other interviews clearly she has passion for what she is trying to do (just as the guys on stage have), she also seems genuinely excited about the future, and is likeable.

What do you guys think; do their personalities matter?


Yes. 1000‰ personalities matter! Both in business and politics.


Yes, from working in customer services; I can fully say that personalities matter and there are some people that the job definitely isn’t suited for!


Yes personalities are important as it gives you an overall impression of the company. Your more likely to remember a negative experience then a positive one. If you get good personality with good customer experience especially in a bad situation your more likely to stay at the company then leave them.


You lead from the top, so if those at the top have passion and a personalty then that shows everyone what it’s like to care.

If you work in a company where there is strong happy exciting personalities in leadership roles, that is most likely to work down to the everyday dealing with the customer people.