Displaying limits


Quite a few people in a number of threads have suggested a screen where all the limits are displayed, like Monzo - daily withdrawal limit, faster payments limit, etc.

There is already a screen in the app for fees and limits, I just think it needs updating with the actual figures (and perhaps made a bit more accessible): Account Management > Account Information > Terms and Information > Fees and Limits.

Incidentally, this screen has a section labelled, “Know your AER from your EAR”. Unfortunately Starling get mixed up on the “Interest” screen (where it shows your cleared account balance) and display everything as AER. This would be a really quick fix.

Would be great to see these changes in the next release, due in about a week’s time. A nice little quick win that doesn’t really need any development time :+1:t2:


Not a bad shout @danmullen this could potentially reduce the volume of customer contact being made to Starling regarding limits in-app and on the community.


Should be easy, it’s just static text, would save loads of calls/chats.