Display Issue in Android Menu


All digits of account number and sort code below picture and name on home screen (Android) are cut off too early, as if the line height isn’t tall enough.

Not a big issue, aesthetics really…


Android Release 0.40.3
Bug report: corrupt display under name
Bug report: corrupt display under name

Hi there! Can you confirm what device you are using and what version of the app you’re on?

If you could attach a screen shot, that would be great! (hide your details so we don’t pay you money :wink: )


Thanks for quick response:

V. on Android 7.0, S7 Edge.


I noticed something similar on the “apply for a business account button” the letter “a” is cut off a bit. Please see screenshot:

iPhone 8 Plus iOS 11.3 App version 0.46.1


Another minor UI issue (iOS 11.3 w/ iPhone X running 0.46.1). Navigation button within the app overlapping with the native iOS multitasking feature.


I can confirm this isn’t the case on the Pixel 2 XL.


My screen must be too small :laughing:


Same here - latest release from yesterday, with a Google Pixel 2 XL running Android 8. Font size is set to Large, Display size is set to Larger.


@philby I have confirmation that this fix should be in our next release - probably next week.


Flagged to the team @Joe_Merriman - thanks!


I’ve noticed corruption in the display of the account number and sort code.

Running Android, click on the hamburger menu. At the top of the display is my profile picture, which I haven’t set. Underneath that is my full name. Underneath that appears to be what I believe to be the sort code and account number. I say believe, as I can only see the top three rows of pixels of the numbers.


This has been logged in a previous thread. Please also log directly with CS if you haven’t done so already :slight_smile:


I looked for another thread before posting but must have missed it


Not a problem, better to post twice if in doubt.


I posted about it here
You probably missed it because I didn’t specify the issue in the title as I should have done!


Latest release has sorted the original cosmetic issue of account details being cut off under picture.

Logging in is also much faster…



We, the 75%, envy you