Display account description on transaction screen


I have a payee called “Me” which I’ve added a bunch of accounts to that are associated with me, e.g. savings accounts, or other accounts.

When I look at the transaction screen for recent payments I’ve made to a few of my accounts, all I see are “Me” and the amount paid, which makes it a bit unwieldy/cumbersome to work out where the money actually went to.

For example, say if I have the following two accounts under “Me”

  • Account Description: Savings Account
  • Account Description: ISA

And I send £10.00 to each one, I’d expect to see this on the transaction screen

  • Me - Savings Account -£10.00
  • Me - ISA -£10.00

But right now all I see is

  • Me -£10.00
  • Me -£10.00

Which isn’t very helpful


Can’t you just call them ISA and Savings? Or add an emoji.


They are called “ISA” and “Savings”, but in the account description.

One thing I really like about the payee thing is you can add payee, and add multiple accounts underneath that are associated with that payee.

So in my case I have

Payee: Me

  • ISA
  • Savings
  • Other Account

Which are linked to different banks, but ‘conceptually’ they are all owned by me. I’m paying myself by transferring money between these accounts.

I mean, I could create completely separate payees but that seems to defeat the point of the Payee -> multiple accounts thing the app has?


I do the same - I think the multiple accounts per contact is possibly the best feature in Starling’s app. It is a bit annoying though that the account description isn’t shown in the feed. In fact even on the transaction detail screen, it shows the sort code and account number, but not the description.


I have exactly the same issue with my own payee and also the Wealthify payee. I have multiple accounts set up - all the same sort code and account number - but different references. The descriptions are my kids’ names. Seeing the description would be really useful.


I’d like to +1 this request too. I have a few payees where two or more accounts are listed (like family members), so seeing a reference of the account it was paid too as well as the payee, would be really helpful


I guess the complication comes from the fact that you can add multiple accounts to the payee but with the same sort code/account number.

However I think the case where you can do a 1:1 mapping between the account paid to and the payee, the account description should be shown.


Are you on iOS by any chance @djh?

@danmullen did you post about this previously showing us that it’s on Android already?



No I’m on Android, version


Hmm, ok. I thought this was on Android already. I have already raised it with product as a few people are in the same boat. I’d love for it to be implemented :grinning:


Hi @LoganAllan,

It displays the account descriptions on the payee screen, but you can’t see which account on the transaction feed.


And in the feed? I thought I saw a picture where it displays the ‘sub-account’ name in the feed?


No, in my transaction feed I have four outgoing payments to Wealthify on the 1st. Clicking into the detail of each displays the reference but nowhere does it show the account description.


Ok, thanks. Don’t know why I thought it was out on Android. It’s already added to the feature request board :+1:t3:


I think we did have a conversation about it previously but it was related to the scheduled payments screen. The account description is shown there on Android but I don’t believe it is on iOS.


Ah that’s right!