Disabled screenshots 🤔


At some time today between 1325 and 1345 I have lost the ability to take screenshots within the Starling Bank app.

If this is a bug, fair enough, I’m letting you know if you don’t already. If it is a deliberate action then I’d be interested in your reasoning for preventing me using a feature on my iPhone. Seems a bit uncool and unnecessary.


Apps can’t prevent iOS taking screenshots (remember Snapchat went from useful to nobody having a clue what it was for! :wink: ). It’s more likely a iOS software hickup. Try rebooting your iPhone.


Snapwhat? :laughing:

Some software glitch in the Starling App or in iOS?

I’m finding it difficult to understand this one as screenshots in all other apps worked just fine.

Anyway, it’s working again now without a reboot. :+1:


Must be in iOS. Starling can’t do anything that Apple don’t provide an API for. They COULD be using it in a way that causes a bug in the API to show it’s ugly mug but I kinda still think that’s an Apple bug rather than a Starling bug. :slight_smile:


I’m not blaming it on Starling. Im saying that screenshots worked in everything I tried except Starling. :+1:


It’s pretty standard on Android for screenshotting to be blocked in banking apps.

I was quite surprised when I found Starling allowed it. (Still does on Android)


It sounds like another of those security measures that aren’t based in reality… “It’s an option to block it so we will do it because it’s more secure… But I don’t know why…” :laughing:

Also IF I want to take a screenshot of my bank app there is no way to stop me as I can always just take a pic of the screen with another phone (again original SnapChat proved that! :wink: )

Now I can understand them not allowing another app to take a screenshot (not an issue with iOS but maybe with Android I haven’t tried to dev on it…) or in any way getting access to the keyboard etc…


I always thought it was a bit weird myself. If I want to take a screenshot then I should be able to.

But like you say, or could be to stop rogue apps taking them.

I don’t know if it’s still the case, but in the past most banking apps would also refuse to work if there was any kind of screen overlay at all. Think, those blue light filter apps and stuff you get.


Yet I bet they don’t stop you using their webpage from a device that has as far as they know got a screen cast going to youtube LIVE! :wink:


I found it a farce with another bank when I wanted to contact their IT guys about an error in their app but could not do a screenshot so had to take a photo of my phone :frowning:


Still can’t seem to take screenshots on Android.


  1. How do I actually take a screenshot for example to send to my insurance company or to a friend?!

  2. Why would you limit user functionality? To what end?


Hello, on Android you’ll need to go to Account Management > Your App Settings > Login and Security and then toggle screenshots on. Let me know if the problem continues! :slightly_smiling_face:



  1. Why not notify the user in app?

  2. Why would reducing user choice be a default option?!

  3. I already toggled this once, why do I have to do it almost 100 times a day?!

  4. How did you come to the figure 15 minutes? Please tell me there is some reasoning behind this somewhere in someone’s brain.


I don’t have to take screenshots that often, but having to enable them is annoying, but it’s still better than some other apps where there is no enable option.

I would prefer it that we can enable the option to stay on once we enable it though.


Why you are are taking 100 screenshots a day of your bank app :rofl:

Only joking, I agree if a user has decided to enable screenshots then they should stay enabled and I don’t really see the point of disabling this anyway…


You do get a notification on your phone telling you:
“Taking screenshots is not allowed by the app or your organisation”


Just been finding out more about this from the team - the toggle should remain enabled for 15 minutes after which it will revert. The main reason for this is for security. From what I understand, disabling screenshot technology is what allows us to blur the recent apps screen when you scroll between apps (double click on iOS.) Otherwise confidential information/bank balance/account details could be seen by anyone on your phone scrolling between apps.


Both Barclays and HSBC prevent a screenshot from being taken, with no option to enable them (as far as I can see) - so I’m grateful for this optipn in the Starling app. And I like the additional security of it


Yes. I’m talking about notifying how to rectify the issue!


Doesn’t add extra security though, because unless someone is in your Starling app they can’t take screenshots anyway.

Even with it blurred the Starling app remains in your recent apps and active, so anyone can open your blurred app and access your account.