Disable the in-app chat recap after ending a support chat


When clicking the “end chat” button at the top of a support conversation, I seem to always get a new message back (as a new thread) recapping the entire conversation I just had. Quite annoying especially given that it actually sends a notification “you have a new customer service message”.

At first I thought this was a way to archive the chat for your records thinking that the original thread was just client-side and would disappear if you reinstalled the app but looks like that’s not the case so I don’t see the point.

Would it be possible to disable that?


I like having the conversation saved but would like an edit button top-right which would allow me to delete some or all (some might be worth keeping).

The “new message” notification is, as you say, unnecessary and confusing.


I must say that I find it a little frustrating not being able to delete old help desk conversations

I find that the page is becoming a little cluttered with time


The thing is, at least for me, the original conversation is already saved - there is no need for (poorly-formatted, text-only) recap a second time and especially not with its own notification.


An edit and delete option for old chats would be great, but I’ve found I need the chat history for reference,
I’ve had an ongoing issue for a few weeks now and being able to quote the reference numbers saves explaining everything again, especially when the chat’s auto end and you are effectively cut off. Their stock reply to me is “We are still investigating this for you at the moment. We’ll be in touch with you once we know more!”


I hesitate to suggest it, but I’ve a feeling this proposal isn’t going to be controversial. Could you refer this to the team for consideration, please?


Thanks for the suggestions folks! :slight_smile:

In regards to deleting old CS messages, this has already been raised here:

I’ll put forward the suggestion to get rid of the recap. :slight_smile: