Disable Remote Purchases


It would be great if we had the ability to disable remote purchases. I know this has been discussed somewhat in the contactless thread, but this is a separate issue and arguably more important due to the increased fraud risk of remote purchases (especially lacking 3D-Secure).

Remarkably Barclays already offer this, and it would be great for Starling as a challenger bank to ‘catch-up’ :wink:

Edit: Remote transactions / card not present transactions refers to transactions made by mail, over the phone, or online.

When Is An Online Payment Not An Online Payment?

Remind us (me) what these remote purchases typically are, please?


Yes what are remote purchases @admdly


OP is referring to this:



Aha. Thanks.


I agree that disabling this like we can enable / disable the cards would be good. If you’re making a remote purchase (phone or online) then I’m happy enabling it for that purchase and Disabling it again as I currently do with my Revolut card. :slight_smile:


I’d second that…as long as enable/disable was immediate.


@philby covered it. :slight_smile: The technical term is card not present transactions, which may be clearer, but I’m not sure how up on banking terms the regular consumer is. :thinking:


workaround would be to ‘freeze’ the card within the app :man_shrugging:t2:


Thanks for the explanation.


Yep. Got it.


Great suggestions! I’ve let the team know about this one. :blush:


Disabling your card for card present, online purchases and ATM withdrawals will be available in our next release - we thought these were likely to be the most useful controls to begin with.

Providing separate controls for card present so you can disable contactless separately from chip & pin will be one of our next tasks thereafter.

You raise a good use case for card not present transactions like over the phone. As I have said before (on a separate thread) we always want to make sure we balance functionality with usability - I wonder if providing too many granular controls might result in making something that could be really simple and useful, overwhelming for come users. Let me know your thoughts?

Also, Barclays seem to list mail order purchases. We wouldn’t recommend you share your card details (with cvv) in the mail for your own security.


Absolutely. There will always be a temptation to add yet another layer of control, either in this case or elsewhere in the app - because we can.

The challenge is to make it feature-rich, yet neat and not, heaven forbid, quirky. :upside_down_face:


@sarah.guha that’s great news!

In regards to the overly granular controls I personally always try to make stuff as granular as possible and then if required for simplicity just group the controls together. For example having a “Remote Transactions” toggle that you can toggle on/off with the option to drill down (however you want your lovely UI to do this) with say “Phone” (or card holder not present… or what ever that’s called!), “e-commerce” (like internet where the card holder DOES the transaction and uses the CVV) and what ever other options there may be that fall under that “Remote Transaction” toggle in the future. :slight_smile:


Revolut does this really well.


While Revolut DOES do a lot of this I think it could be improved as currently disabling the whole card is nice and easy to find but the other disabling features are not linked with the actual card disabling and are lower down under “Security”. It isn’t really clear to someone who is looking to specifically disable a feature (like contactless) that you need to go there. I think personally it should be some how a sub-menu of “Disable Card” or maybe disable card it’s self should be a menu with “Disable all card use” at the top and other below. :slight_smile:


I’m glad that more controls are coming for this and it should address the majority of cases. However, I don’t think functionality should be avoided just because it may make things complicated. I think the best way to handle this is to provide the simple controls with a way to drill down into advanced controls for those who need it. It could be a drop down menu with a top level control, with the sub-items also having controls once expanded?

As for mail order items, I did think it sounds a bit outdated but believe it or not there are still organisations out there that request or allow card details to be completed on a paper form and posted in. I wouldn’t recommend it or do it myself, but they do exist. :pensive:


Pretty sure you can embed the more granular options below the enable card but it won’t let me show that on Balsamiq but the basic logic as I see it is this


I’m mobile at the moment so I can’t mock anything up, but I can see where you are going with this.

The iOS human interface guidelines allows things to be hidden or shown based on the value of a switch, so rather than always showing all options the sub options could only be displayed once a switch is changed. (See the iOS Wi-Fi On/Off switch for example.)