Disable contactless via app



Not sure a lot of people would have this concern, but after seeing this feature on a similar app I figured it’s probably not hard to implement. I personally don’t like the idea of a contactless card (Apple Pay I love, as that authenticates on every purchase—normal contactless doesn’t) so I’d love for Starling to either offer the option to receive a physical card with or without contactless capability, OR, have that option on the app, where I can have a contactless card, but disable the feature in-app.

Either way I’m happy.


Good news, this is on it’s way. We thought it would be useful if you lose your physical card to be able to disable it for contactless and online payments until you find it, but keep it enabled in your digital wallet so we’ll soon be adding this flexibility to build on our existing card controls.

Card Design

Awesome stuff!

Is Apple Pay still on track for later this month?


No spoilers, but we’re feeling positive :green_apple:



awesome. I’ll be on the lookout then.

Keep up the good work!



I love this!!!