Disable contactless functionality (without disabling chip & pin)


For those of us on Apple Pay or Android Pay there’s rarely a need to use contactless card. It’s less secure than the other payment mechanisms (for reasons that I hope are obvious).
Currently the only way to disable contractless functionality is to disable chip&pin as well. However it’s not an option as many merchants still don’t accept Apple Pay for large amount. It would be nice to split this setting into two: one for contractless and another for chip&pin.
Revolut allows this, just saying!


I totally agree, it should be separate. I would disable contactless.

I’d already raised this on another thread. But splitting this function would be a good idea.


I think this make sense if it’s possible. I understand the logic of is your card present in security options. But separating contactless adds a far better security model. If a pay terminal supports contactless it will most likely do Apple Pay or android pay. Therefore its more secure to disable contactless if you have a mobile wallet alternative. An extra option would not hurt if it’s technically possible.


As Revolut proves, this should be technically possible. Also, I haven’t seen a terminal which accepted contactless cards but not Apple Pay.


I’d like to think if Revolut can do it, the wizards at Starling can work some magic. If you’re marketing yourself as the ‘mobile bank’ you give you ideally need to give your customers every possible option. This is a very good one, and one that ultimately could save Starling some money in the long run (with fraudulent transactions).


I think contactless ‘Opt-out’ should be an option when you sign up, rather that auto ‘Opt-in’