Disable "circle" graph and go straight to transaction list


Would you be able to add a way to toggle the spending graph? I hate it and it’s just wasting my time since I need to scroll down every time to actually see a transaction list that makes sense (and when I swipe to refresh it often comes back). I would like a standard transaction list like your competitors and even legacy banks.



I think the Starling ‘pulse’ is probably one of their key features they wouldn’t want to dispense with. The problem is, as it is, it’s kinda limited to showing the value of all the transaction made today: not massively useful. I think there are things they can do to improve the pulse, and I made a suggestion in that thread.

Let’s give Starling some ideas on how to improve it over there. Turning it off entirely is an option - maybe a “Pulse” panel settings needs to be added, with options what should be included in the pie chart?


Definitely getting the sense that the developers are all over the Pulse and are getting plenty of ideas from this forum.


I agree with this. I don’t really understand the circle and immediately always go to the list. Perhaps a way to have both?


The circle/Pulse is a bit weak at present. It definitely has potential and I guess we’ll see what Starling have planned in due course. I see it having it’s place, it just needs a few more features.


As it is, it’s pure gimmick and I’d also appreciate an option to disable it while a better one is in the works.


Any updates on this? Really trying to love Starling but it annoys me so much every time I have to dismiss that stupid UI… :sob:


Yes, please disable that useless circle thing. I go there to look at transactions.


Please don’t disable pulse - like all other areas of the app where different use cases present please provide the option to default to whatever view users prefer or at the least remember the last view when the app is re-opened.


Yes, please leave Pulse as an option at least, as this forum is proving you can never please everyone so options are key :slight_smile:


Maybe something like this as a halfway house?

Scrolling up on transactions could collapse the pulse area to just the balance. Perhaps the pulse area could be pulled down to make it full screen, as well.

I know this might look similar to Monzo, but its behaviour could be quite different.


I quite like the pulse and find it quite useful. Though it would be better if it could show daily/weekly or monthly view.


This looks beautiful. I want it. :heart_eyes:


I like it when It’s showing something. But I often have days where I don’t make any transactions at all or sometimes don’t make any until the evening - making it a bit useless.

I believe it’s in the works to be able to change it to a weekly or monthly view?

I like @JamesH 's suggestion up there. It’d be cool with something like that, with it shrinking from the main screen to that size/position as a transition then scrolling off the top of the list as you scroll down.


Good news coming for you @KenTheakstone :wink: