Direct Debits & Standing Orders mingled


I’ve just used the account switching service to transfer my day-to-day banking to Starling! Very excited.
One disappointment though. When looking at payments, I’m not entirely happy with the way that under the “scheduled” tab, all of my standing orders and direct debits are co-mingled.
Only by clicking on each can I see whether they’re a DD or SO. These should be clearly separated.
@sarah.guha are there any plans to sort this screen in a more friendly way?



Hi Brad, this is something we definitely need to improve.


I agree. The way I differentiate is that direct debits show the last paid date, while standing orders show the next payment date. Not exactly a nice user experience!


The whole direct debit system needs a revamp, there is just no way to determine upcoming payments and if like me you miss a notification its pointless looking in the app as it wont show you unless its the 1st payment. I have said it on a few occasions now just changing the font colour to something like red if its due to be debited would be an immense help


I use Gocardless for our business to collect Direct Debit so I’ve seen the transaction history for a direct debit. What I find curious is that the direct debit process starts with a BACS request three days before the payment comes out of the customers account. In that instance I wonder why the process couldn’t be updated so that the customer get’s a notification to say that a DD process is underway and in the 3 days (or however long the payment actually takes) your account will be debited.