Direct Debits & PayPal


I’ve got a couple of direct debits setup, one with PayPal and another with sky.

My sky is due today, not that I’m worried about that not coming out yet. However PayPal I spent money and used my starling bank option (not card)

It’s been like 4days, should I be worried they’ve not taking my money yet? :+1:


I’ve got NatWest dd due out Monday showing the amount and PayPal dd which is showing amount to pay out but no dates.


Have you got Pay after delivery switched on? If so the DD will take longer.


My account don’t have that feature… and nothing will be delivered which is a concern.

I might have to contact PayPal on this one, or even starling :+1:


I made a full switch using the CASS.

The Direct Debits are really starting to worry me.

I had a Direct Debit to Hitachi fail. Hitachi wrote me a letter confirming this and charged me £25. I called them and made a debit card payment. They said my credit report will be affected.

Fast forward a few days and Starling have now decided to send the money to Hitachi. So I’ve paid twice. And at £338 each time I am not happy. :angry:


The direct debit guarantee says that if there is an error on either the company or bank side, the bank will refund the money. Contact Starling to get the second payment back.

Same applies for the CASS (

edit: contact Starling and they will refund the DD payment and the late fee. Not sure they can do anything about the mark, assuming it’s the first time, I’d contact them again as see if they are willing to remove it explaining the circumstances.


I am very sorry to hear this! Please could I encourage you to reach out to our customer service team about the issue, if you haven’t already.


Have to say that’s worrying to say the least. I have switched all mine across and had them all come out of starling last month with no issues thankfully.


At the moment. It is a case of Hitachi blaming Starling and Starling blaming Hitachi.

Starling have said that the £25 charge should not have been applied and want to take it up with Hitachi’s bank.


The Guarantee is provided by your new bank or building society. If anything goes wrong with the switch, as soon as we are told, we will refund any interest (paid or
lost) and charges made on either your old or new current accounts as a result of this failure

Correct me if I am wrong. This only says about charges applied to the bank accounts, old and new. And not charges applied by external companies.

I have 5 direct debits due out tomorrow and none of those have amounts next to them “pending” - in the scheduled payments part of the iOS app. This is making me nervous.


I used to have iOS on starling and they only showed the amounts late in the
day before next payment. Android payments seem a better system on the app
compared to iOS version of the app. Will keep fingers crossed for you.


It does look like Hitachi are at fault if they claimed the Money by DD (even late) as Starling do not control when the money is taken. If a SO was late then this would be Starling.
I’d go back to Hitachi and make the point that as they claimed the money by DD, it was not Starling’s fault for the delay. If Hatachi claim they asked for the money again, they would have needed to give you notice (normally 5 working days) as per the direct debit guarantee.

Let us know how you get on


Yes I think you are right @walderston

As per of the CASS. I just can’t fathom how Hitachi would request a DD late. They never did this on my previous bank account (Nationwide) by the way. Then send me two letters, telling me I am in arrears and a monthly payment is overdue. And charge me £25 for the privilege. Great job Hitachi :+1:

I have to say Patrick at Starling has been helping me and he has been great. :pray:

He also had the great thought to check my upcoming DDs. And although there aren’t amounts showing in the iOS app they are in the DD file for tomorrow.



Sounds like to me Hitachi have meessed their end with the DD change and requested it late.