Direct Debits on Weekends


Hi still getting use to Starling but I can’t find the answer to this one if you have a direct debt due out over week -end or monday when does the money drop from the account does it all go out on the monday and if i go over my overdraft limit have i got time to get to transfer money in before the direct debt is returned unpaid


Direct debits are first attempted around 00:30. If you don’t have enough money, starling send a push notification to advise you to fund the account before 4pm if you want to make a payment. These notifications are sent in the morning so they don’t wake you up!
Scheduled payments (standing orders) are first attempted at 01:00, again they notify at a sociable hour if you have insufficient funds, and then will make the payment if you transfer money into the account before the end of the day
Scheduled faster payments work 7 days. The BACS scheme for direct debits and credits only processes payments on working days so will you not receive or pay these at weekends.


Thanks for this info, @Gallifreyangirl; I didn’t know that. Can you advise how the notifications are sent? Push notification? Email?


All Starling notifications are push ones to your phone.


And, just for clarity, any DD that do fall on a weekend (or bank holiday) will be taken on the NEXT working day (not the previous one). So, if you had a DD due out on the 1st of the month - but that was a Saturday on a bank holiday weekend, it’ll actually come out on the following Tuesday (4th of the month) rather than the Friday before.