Direct Debits From A Goal


Good afternoon… I’m stuck in waiting for a fridge to be delivered and going through my banking a bit, reorganising goals and categories, etc etc… And the spare time means I can write this… Yay!

There are a lot of posts and mentions of DDs from a goal, going all the way back to October when, I believe, it was first put to us by Starling themselves… Since then… SILENCE!

Well… Not complete silence… I put that because it was a better, more dramatic ending to the paragraph… :smirk::smirk:

But there really hasn’t been much in the way of actual solid information… So I’m wondering if anyone at Starling or @StarlingSupport would like to rectify that now.

Clearly this is a HUGE feature that most people want. I’ve already bored on loads about how “game changing” it is and so many people have mentioned they’d switch permanently, in an instant, if this became a thing… So I’m not going to do that this time… (too late? :joy:)

I just want to know…

  1. Is it even going to be a thing?

  2. Are people even working on it?

  3. If not… How can something that widely wanted not be a priority?

  4. Are there programming implications that make it harder to create than, say, joint accounts?

  5. Did the creation of separate accounts somehow, secretly, contribute towards the possibilities of this?

  6. Are there legal implications that we don’t know about?

  7. Are there general concerns like what to do if someone doesn’t put enough money in it? (either take it from the main account or don’t pay the bill)

  8. Should we all just give up asking for it?

  9. Do people at Starling actually WANT it as a feature to use in their own lives? Would @anne use it?

  10. If it was a thing, are we talking years?


It’s been nearly a year now. I’ve been patiently waiting so long… And I don’t even get a teal card for my patience! (that’s not a genuine complaint… I’m just sticking it here cos I want a teal card!)

I just would like something official… Even if it’s that you officially don’t know anything official. But if you could give us something in the spirit of your recent attempt at more openness, if someone could at least consider the questions, then I think it would be appreciated… (even though I suspect they’re not the answers we’d want… And some people will just moan anyway… Ha ha. )

Love you all.



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