Direct debits duplicating and hiding other direct debits


I’m encountering a strange bug whenever my scheduled payment list becomes relatively long. Some direct debits will duplicate in that they will hide another existing direct debit. For example, I have an AXA direct debit which persistently duplicates and hides my Vodafone direct debit; this only seems to happen when the list becomes lengthy.

By cancelling some standing orders - therefore shortening the list - this seemed to stabilise the direct debits, in that I didn’t seem to encounter any more duplication. However, this is obviously not a reasonable workaround as I need the standing orders in place. As soon as I reinserted the standing orders, the duplication started again.

Has anyone ran into this same issue?


Thank you for flagging this one and thank you for reporting this via customer service too. We’ll take a look.


Hi @sarah.guha is there a fix date for this? It is extremely frustrating and hard to see which direct debits are set up and which aren’t. I’m in the middle of switching to you and need to be able to see what’s set up so far and what I need to chase…


We are working on it, but it’s not possible to replicate consistently when we test. I will update when I have more of an update from the team.


Thank you!


We’ve managed to reproduce and are working on a fix. A release will likely be early next week though.


Oh thank heavens! Thank you very much for the amazing communication. Looking forward to next week!


Hello! Any update on the release for this fix? Was told it would be this week by CS but nothing showing in the Play Store today. Thanks!


A fix should be rolling out very soon :slight_smile:


Thanks for the update. Sitting tight!


I have this issue too. As you say it is frustrating. I raised it to customer support before seeing this thread. Looking forward to the fix! :slight_smile:


Today’s Android release looks to have fixed this issue. Thank you, Starling team!