Direct Debits - "Date to be confirmed" when payments have gone out


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I’m not sure if this has been covered before (apologies if so), but thought I would bring up something i have noticed on the Android app :robot: in the Pay > Upcoming section.

This is my upcoming payments screen:

Bottom entry is a standing order, and I have not had any payments taken from Barclaycard yet, however the other 3 have all had payments taken, but all say “date to be confirmed” on them. Maybe I am lacking in knowledge on how this section works, but I imagine that once a payment has been taken then its confirmed?

This shows payments have gone out, but not updating as confirmed.

Apologies if this has been reported already, not a massive issue, but thought you would like to know to polish off the already great product you have.

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Mine show as yours @Scotty_Jones even after I have had two payments taken from direct debit. Not billed yet is the usual I’ve seen for new direct debit set ups.


Hi - ah the nuances of direct debits. Direct debits are set up, and it’s actually in the control of the merchant when they choose to request the payment. Some merchants will do this regularly on the same day of the month, but not all will – and they can change. Because of this, we don’t know the date the payment will be take until we receive the request which is usually a day or two before the payment is taken. Up until that date the payment date is unconfirmed and so we tell you that. We would like to be able to predict when the next payment date will be once we see a pattern or regular frequency but as I said before - it’s really to to the merchant and so our prediction could be wrong at times.

I’m interested… if when we don’t know the payment date rather than seeing “Date to be confirmed” would you rather not see anything?


'Last payment: ', I think would be good - and would be what most people would expect to see there I think.


I second @Pipefish. If you only know when the last one was then show that until you get the request for the next one then maybe say "Last: ###, Next: ###"
You could even go as far as to give a date range if the last few are all 1-2 days apart OR throw some AI into it and see if it’s like the last 15th of the month or the first/last working day around that?

Let’s face it finance is FAR to often (pre-Standley ovbs! :wink: ) done manually or at least people want to be in when they happen. We get paid on the last working day of the year… It’s Automatic yet still “MUST” happen on a work day… :confused:


Hi Sarah,

Thanks for your response! Thanks for explaining how direct debits work. I think I also agree with @Pipefish, having “last payment” would be useful. Or could be labelled something like “expected payment date”



@kjersti.larsen looks after our payment experiences and is taking note of your feedback.


@sarah.guha or could we not just see March marked as Paid so its clear that this months dd has been paid.

I’m also seeing the wrong logo type on one of my DDs. Shows as First Direct but should be Property Management Company (Aberdeen)


Thanks for the feedback guys. I am very keen to look into predictions so we can give you expected payment dates. Will see what we can do about the last paid date in the mean time!


I really like the idea of marking a payment as “paid” for the month - unfortunately we don’t actually know if a direct debit is charged monthly (or weekly, or every other month or every six months!), so we would need to build out some prediction tools to make this work. In the meantime we will look at showing the last payment date.

If you’re seeing incorrect logos, please feel free to reach out to our Customer Service team in-app!


The last payment date is definitely how I think most other banks do this.

Most people then can tell themselves how frequent a payment is due - so if I see my Virgin Media DD with a last payment date of 01/08 then I know it’s been paid and the next one isn’t due until 1st Sept. But then I also know things like car tax - paid annually so I can see that it was paid back in Feb and that the next one is due next Feb.


A history, like that shown for Standing Orders, would be great. Although, now I’m looking, Standing Orders also show ‘Final date is pending, Payment date will be submitted later’ even though that information is clearly available.

The whole way that standing orders and direct debits are handled is a bit lacking, compared to the rest of the experience. I’m not sure what would make it awesome, I guess it just needs a little love :slight_smile:


I’ve just noticed that the scheduled payment had some love waiting in a new update - I’ll give my thoughts in the update thread


Hi all - just wanted to update that the “date to be confirmed” has been replaced by the last paid date for direct debits in the latest release ( 0.33.0 iOS, 0.24.3 Android) :tada:


I noticed this in the Android 0.24.3 thread:

Excellent work @kjersti.larsen and team!


Ah sorry! Pleased it now works as you need it to! More payments upgrades coming down the line too.


Great work. Such a basic but useful tool. Another step forward. One of many in October by the sounds of it!!


Nice one @kjersti.larsen! An excellent update, much more useful, thanks so much.