Direct Debits are too hidden away


Any chance of making a tab on the left for Direct Debits and when pressed it shows all of your DD. It’s kind of annoying that it seems to be “hidden” away under “Pay”…

Thanks :wink:


I wouldn’t call it hidden away, Direct Debits are for paying people so they’re under Pay?

The bar at the bottom is going to get very busy if you want every single feature on it!


Personally I think BACS Direct Debits should be found in same place as Standing Orders, so if Direct Debits moved so should be Standing Orders.

As for menu getting cluttered there is one simple solution! List all possible menu options in the settings and have a tickbox or toggle switch next to each option so you can chose which you wish to display in your app.


They already are, under the Scheduled tab in Pay along with your recurring transfers to Goals?

If you’re moving them, surely the Pay tab is pretty much redundant!


Yes, I know they are currently together. But if the OP wants them to appear under a separate tab I personally would still want them together with any Standing Orders :wink:


Agreed! Still don’t see the point in moving out of Pay personally but each to their own!


Maybe just rename Pay to DD/SO ?


One off Faster Payments and transfers to Goals are there too, to me Pay already covers all bases!


A general,observation, if I may.

I certainly wouldn’t wish to speak for the team, but in amongst the many calls for enhancements and tweaks and “it would be nice if…”, they’ll need to strike a balance in delivering new functions like connected accounts and multi-currency capability whilst responding to heart-felt pleas, the likes of which we routinely see here.

I don’t envy that challenge - and I bet they love it.

We just shouldn’t be too perturbed if we wait for our particular “thing”. Great to see forum members acknowledging that.


I too would prefer the DDs to be a little more accessible.

Whilst it makes sense for them to be in the pay menu, I dislike the pay menu defaulting to the payees tab. 99% of the time I hit ‘pay’ and then ‘scheduled’ to see DDs. It’s no big deal, but it’s an extra step every time.

Even something simple like remembering the last used tab would be a great improvement for me.

I know we’re not taking ground-breaking features, but sometimes it’s they little things than can really improve the user experience.


Thanks for all your feedback. Whilst I am happy that ‘pay’ encompasses the section pretty well I think your need to have your list of direct debits accessible is an interesting one. Can you elaborate for me why you need to access your DD list quite so regularly? What are you doing? If you an share more on this that’d be great so we can really understand what you need? … my initial thinking is that you want to see which DDs are due to come out so you’re aware of the outgoing…

Let me know!



My requirement will disappear once I can assign DDs to goals. I’m checking which have been paid so I know how much of my balance is disposable. If all DDs were paid from goals that would be unnecessary, as anything not in goals would, by definition, be disposable.

I’ve actually written my own browser based app which I host on a machine at home, detailed in one of my other posts, to track paid and unpaid DDs and my disposable income based on last and next pay dates (tracked by my app). It also tracks recurring card and SO payments too, which I’d also need to pay from goals before I decommissioned my app. I have multiple separate card charges per month from the same merchant, so my app tracks based on merchant ID and amount for card payments. Ability to select a Goal for specific spend category or type

Again, I posted all the details in a thread I started. Once (if) Starling can offer me the functionality I describe I could decommission my app.

It’s better than I had with my legacy bank, as that used Excel and relied on me updating the spreadsheet manually. At least with the API my app auto updates itself when I refresh the page.