Direct Debits and the Current account switch service



My switch completed today - all my direct debits have appeared in app.

I’ve started getting the usual letters and E-mails from the companies to say a new direct debit has been set up, as expected.

But with Amex, after checking in their app, I noticed my old bank account details are still listed in the direct debit section.
Amex has appeared in the Starling app as a direct debit.

The payment is due on Sunday (so Monday really). I obviously don’t want it to fail.
What if it’s not fully set up properly on the Amex end and they request (or have already requested) the money from my old bank account? Is there any provision set up for this payment request to be forwarded and accepted by Starling or will it just be rejected by my old bank and the payment fail?

I don’t want to manually give my new Starling account details to Amex as, 1 - it’s too late and 2 - I’d end up with a duplicate direct debit when it’s all settled.

How will this be handled by Starling, my old bank and the switching service?


As this seems fairly urgent @Pipefish maybe you should contact Customer Services directly (using the “More” tab - Customer Services) in the app?

They have a “Live Chat” or even “Call us” sections. :slight_smile:


You should be covered under the switching guarantee scheme. Did you do a full switch? I would think it shoukd come out of Starling @Pipefish but think @GazB is right and need to contact customer services to be sure.


I kind of figured that it’s too late as it’s Friday. Amex couldn’t set up a direct debit that fast, everyone else involved other than Starling is a ‘legacy’ player.

My plan is to make a payment manually via Amex. It is processed immediately by Amex when you make a debit card payment and it still comes off your minimum/expected payment. I know this as in the past I’ve forgotten about the direct debit and accidentally made duplicate payments (I have minimum payment direct debits set up as a backup in case I ever forget to pay, or don’t want to fully pay it off).

So basically I’ll deliberately make a duplicate payment and leave it and see what happens with the direct debit. - It might get cancelled by Amex if it hasn’t already started going through.

Edit: Just made a manual payment so my minimum payment required is now showing as £0.00 - so I know nothing bad is going to happen.

It actually said while I was making the payment that the direct debit payment will not be cancelled as it’s too close - so I’ll get to see what happens!


Sounds like the best way to do it with your credit card. Least you’ll be able to let us know how how Amex deal with it.


It appears (by looking at the direct debit in the direct debit list) that it’s successfully been debited from my Starling account! (Not appeared in my transactions list yet though.)


It does this @Pipefish layer in day then comes out the following day.


The Account Switching Guarantee is meant to also include all Direct Debits being requested from the old bank account automatically being forwarded to the new account as well if the old bank receive them.


This is what I was looking for clarification on. Thanks.

So it could have been requested from Yorkshire Bank/B but I’d never know.

I’ll manually change the direct debit with Amex now just to make sure.


Today I discovered that the Switching Guarantee isn’t worth the paper etc.

Switched several weeks ago; today I receive an in-app message from Starling saying ‘We didn’t pay your mortgage yesterday. Your problem to sort with your mortgage provider’.


Hi @Big_G did you do a full switch or a partial switch where you transfer payments only? The latter is not covered by the switch guarantee and the payment redirection service unfortunately although I do believe The Current Account Switch Service are looking to incorporate it at some point. This means we are reliant on the merchant updating their direct debit mandate with your new bank details. Have you been in touch with our customer service team? They should be able to give you advice and possibly a template to address this with your mortgage provider.


I did a full switch; old account automatically close behind me.


Right ok. Let me check with the team here what has happened.


I’ve called my mortgage provider, have paid them manually this month, and will be setting up a new DD just for Starling.

I was just making the point that the Guarantee seemed to have abandoned me.


Ok I’m pleased you’ve sorted it with the mortgage provider. I’m keen to know what happened too so will certainly check in with the team here.


I’m rapidly losing faith in Starling’s ability to do anything ‘normal’. The Customer Service team stretch my patience almost to breaking; at no point in any conversation do I get the impression that they have any idea about the matter at hand.

Returning to my switching issue^, having shrugged its shoulders and walked away from any responsibility for ensuring that the DD for my mortgage switched properly, I worked with my mortgage lender to create and submit a new DD mandate which was established on the 13th June. They attempted to take payment on the 29th June and… nothing. Starling hadn’t processed it their end; nothing had been set up.

Two infuriating conversations yesterday; nothing. Today, three days after the request for payment, Starling advises me that it didn’t make payment. I replied and, three hours later, no response.

There are no material benefits to having a Starling account. I switched because I wanted to be part of a movement focused on tackling the inefficiencies and customer indifference shown by the old banks. Financially, there was no incentive to move whatsoever.

Well, swish IT, pretty apps, cute card packaging and, yes, even this cool interactive community, are not worth a cent if Starling doesn’t take its responsibilities seriously, offers poor quality customer service when things go wrong, and…well… can’t even set up a direct debit.

At that point I have to ask myself: why do I let you manage my money?


Very worrying. I’ll be keeping my DDs with NatWest for the time being. I hope I won’t be regretting switching my main account at the weekend.


… 24 hours later and still nothing but silence from Starling CS.

Have just completed the application process for an account with Nationwide. While Starling messes about with ‘fun’ stuff like icons for merchants, it clearly isn’t interested in resolving even the most basic of ‘normal’ banking issues for its customers.

I genuinely couldn’t be more disappointed.


@Charlotte_Lorimer might be able to take a look into this for you.


We’re really sorry to hear this @Big_G and for the experience you have had in relation to your switch. We’re investigating the cause of this and want to look to see what actions we can take going forward as our intention is to help in whatever way we can.

We’ll be getting back to you via the app with information related to your specific issue.