Direct Debits - alter UX to reflect new CASS behaviour


Having recently performed a full switch to Starling using CASS, I just thought I’d feed back on an area that caused a little confusion for me.

After kicking off a full switch, my DD’s eventually appeared in the scheduled payments tab, with the status “transfer pending”. After a while, quite a few of these flipped to “unconfirmed”, and were shown in red to indicate an error had occurred. There was also a small info bubble next to the status, that when tapped, showed a message suggesting I get in touch with the company in question to confirm my DD details.

After chatting with Starling CS, I was informed that CASS had altered how DD’s are dealt with, and that they no longer send updated DD details to the various companies straight away, but instead wait for them to request the DD, and then pass them the updated details at that point (I found this was generally a day or so before the payment was due to come out).

So basically the app made out there had been issues switching several of my DD’s, when actually everything was progressing as expected as far as CASS was concerned.

So I’d suggest the status remain as “transfer pending” until it is either successfully switched, or until the payment due date is reached, at which time it goes to “unconfirmed”.


Good idea. This is perhaps a case where too much information has inadvertently confused. Good that your switch was ultimately wrinkle-free, though.