Direct Debit switching


Have moved my direct debts over via Starling Bank switching service from Natwest but i have not had two companies British Gas & Protect your (Assurant) that have now cancelled my policy as I’ve cancelled my direct debts I thought the whole point of the switching was to make it easier I’m not find this at all , I have managed to speak to British Gas last night and sorted that out I now need to speak to Protect your bubble .com on Monday (not open weekend ) to sort that one out , how many more I’m i going to have to sort out

not a good first impression of Starling Bank


It is NOT Starlings fault, you also see this on Monzo forum, it is the fault of the merchant.

Where they have proper systems they download a file with updates to their customer Direct Debit information, so the changes are made correctly. However, many merchants don’t bother to retrieve this update file so do not update your Direct Debit on their systems and just get stroppy when the cancellation comes thru. Personally I report such firms to the BACS organization for failing to comply with the system guidelines/rules.


I had the same when I switched to Starling, but I’ve also used the switch service on at least two previous occasions with other banks which were also just as messy in all honesty. I’ve generally found it easier to set aside a day and manually switch, call all of your suppliers and adjust the DD on this day and reconfigure standing orders etc. You probably wouldn’t even need a full day and then at least you know it’s all done correctly.


Good shout, it’s so frustrating when it works perfectly for some and not others.


It’s just one of those things unfortunately, I fully understand it’s not Starling (or the other banks) that are at fault. I’ve never found the CASS to be a reliable way to switch, whereas doing it myself manually has always been a relatively easy way to do it. It’s also a good chance to audit your account for any old stale DD’s that aren’t needed anymore and cancel them off.


still got DVLA (Road Tax) to switch across to Starling i may end up doing that one myself as not happy about how the switch has gone so far


DVLA for tax was one of mine that went across satisfactory on a partial switch.


Yes, I expect DVLA and DVLNI, and TV licensing will all get it right, it is insurance companies and utility firms I would be more wary of!


First utility springs to mind when I switched, took 2 months for them to get it right, even after false promises it was done on a number of occasions, I generally don’t trust anyone these days and haven’t gone far wrong with that :grin:


Ha ha. I moved to First Utility, found them incompetent and inefficient so ended up closing my account with them.


Bit of an odd one here but after my switch to starling last month one of the direct debits I thought had came over hadn’t, I only noticed the other night when I logged into my council tax portal to find that my bill hadn’t been paid. I called the council the following day who were surprised to be have me on the phone then told me they had me on record as deceased. This was then escalated up the chain for investigation and it turns out TSB instructed them to cancel the DD as my account was being closed due to my death. Is this even possible or have the council dropped the ball here (I can’t see any reason for them to lie)? Should I make TSB aware of this?

The DD has now been reauthorised manually but I thought it odd enough to share here with the community.


That sounds like another TSB cockup to me.


Get the letter from TSB and forward it to your insurance company… nice little payout :joy:


My condolences to yourself


I’m waiting a couple more days yet before I switch over from my other account to Starling Bank, once my 'phone/broadband direct debit has been paid. My Wife and I are reverting a joint account with another High Street bank, back to a sole account in my Wife’s name and all of the household direct debits I have switched over myself, either online or, in the case of my Council Tax, over the 'phone. TV licencing and my Energy provider were easy enough to swap over online and my local Council are totally on the ball, so all of the direct debits in the space of just a few days, are now visible in our primary joint account at another bank.

As far as Starling Bank are concerned, well I didn’t want to chance my arm with Paypal, so I manually deleted the direct debit from the account I’m going to switch over to Starling and then added Starling Bank. Everything has gone smoothly. Brand new Paypal direct debit showing up in my Starling account. I have one direct debit left on the account I am going to switch, my phone provider, but I am going to let CASS deal with that along with my other source of income. Personally, I don’t forsee any problems.

The only problem direct debit I have had thus far, is the one for my insurance provider. Sadly my insurer seem to be stuck in the 20th Century and don’t allow banking details to be manually updated online. I posted off a new direct debit mandate to them and they claim they have never received it. I’ve given them a right old rollicking and complained. They’ve now said I can scan it and email it back to them, something they should have offered in the first instance and I wouldn’t have wasted a first class stamp. I have given them my Starling Bank account details and told them I want it actioned within the next seven working days. Let’s see what happens!!!


Exciting banking times ahead then @Peter_McCraw any problems, the community and CS are here for you :+1:


I did a test switch of a secondary account (Barclays) to Starling, Everything seemed to go painlessly but yesterday I received notification from Starling that 2 DD have not transferred and that I should now manually go through the process of updating them - so hardly the seemless and painless switch as advertised by BACS. Oddly one of the DD that have failed to switch is Barclaycard. I would have thought that with first-hand knowledge of the switch, that Barclays themselves would have updated their own linked accounts to reflect this, but alas this is obviously too easy for them. I am now waiting for them to let me know if they have the details or not.
Finally, as I understand from the switch guarantee, any company that tries to take a DD from my old Barclays account should get the transaction redirected to my Starling account and then also get a notification of the correct details. This way the payment should still go ahead correctly regardless and hopefully by next month the company calling the DD should have sorted themselves out. Wishful thinking probably but that is how it is written.

In all I have found the newer CASS to be no better than the switching services previously offered and in both cases the supposed ‘seemless’ transfer still requires me to manually chase up things after the event.


I had an absolute nightmare with my switch, upwards of 10 direct debits i believe not processed. It may be that it is supposedly not Starling’s fault but after switching to every bank going over the last few years for various incentives I have never had one direct debit fail. It has taken me an age to sort out, what didn’t help is that the direct debits show as pending and then once i manually contacted the companies and ascertained they didn’t have the new details I set them up from scratch and cancelled the pending direct debits in app. This was a mistake as with some companies this then cancelled the new instruction being set up.
Pretty much all sorted now but I had to make a manual debit card payment for my mortgage at the beginning of the month and plead with them to reverse an interest rate increase and associated interest added to my account for not paying by direct debit. And that was the one bill I made sure I sorted in plenty of time too so been a stressful few weeks for what is supposed to be a fool proof process!


Glad you got it sorted. Was this a partial or a full switch? I had an issue with a partial switch whereby the details of each Direct Debit didn’t get pulled through, so I couldn’t tell which was which. Ended up doing it all manually - 13 DDs set up, waiting on 2 more.


That was a full switch. Like I say, not impressed but hopefully as long as no major bugs appear in the near future I won’t have to be doing it again. However I’ll think about doing it manually next time I think.