Direct Debit & Standing Order Identification


Just an idea, but when there’s potentiallly lots of DD and SO set up on an account, particularly when sharing a joint account, it’d be really helpful if there was a ‘notes’ section. An example below is a payment set up for FD credit card. There’s the FD reference number which is my long card number but no reference about what the payment is actually for. It would be great if somewhere I could write that this payment is First Direct Credit Card or similar. A work around could be to change the name of the account payee, but then you’d need to set several FD payees up if you say house insurance, life insurance etc.

That would only work for SO that you set up yourself and not for DD. I’d love to be able to just add a note to everything set up on the account for clear identification.


Thanks for the feedback on this! I will pass it on to the team.



Another example that some more direct debits have just added to my account today. I actually have no clue what they are for. I set them up so they’re legit, but they’re all too generic for identification. Some are even named the same.


Yes I see what you mean - I’ve passed this on to the team :slightly_smiling_face:


I have this problem (not quite on the same scale as yourself) with a few of my DDs. For example I have three DDs from Three. I only pay for one phone contract and one of those happens to have never been used.

It would be useful if the DDs could be amalgamated per company in the same way multiple accounts can be grouped per payee.


@Charlotte_Lorimer - And the situation is getting worse, the more DD are being set up. Three DD payments to Aviva. I know what they are but not a clue on how to identify them one had to be cancelled. There really does need to be a notes section to enable the account holder to mark each one with exactly what the DD is being taken for or for easy cancellation. Fair enough there’s reference number on each DD, but they mean absolutely nothing to me.