Direct Debit References


I had a quick look around and couldn’t see a topic for this but if there is, feel free to merge.

So I’ve got a Direct Debit setup and the provider use GoCardless to process their Direct Debits. Everything looks fine on the Upcoming Payments page:

However when the actual payment comes out, it’s showing GoCardless as the merchant (which I expect) but it’s also showing the Reference as GoCardless and not the HAHOSTING-XXXXXX which is what I would expect:

This is OK right now as I only have one GoCardless Direct Debit but I want to change over another Direct Debit I have that also uses GoCardless and I don’t want to be confused as to which Direct Debit payment is which. I know that the Reference is passed to the bank when the Direct Debit is processed because Barlcays shows it just fine (can’t screenshot).

I also notice that even though a Direct Debit has been taken, the Upcoming screen still says "Date to be confirmed"

Both GoCardless and Moneybox have successfully taken money. Also Moneybox is showing up as GREYFRIARS ASSET MANAGEMENT LLP which I’ll add to the Merchant topic.


I would speak to customer services in app about this, I am sure the money has been sent with the correct reference and it just a GUI thing, but they will be able to check and give you the confidence to know that it has gone out properly.

Anything we say in the community will be a best guess, but the in app chat (which is 24/7, can actually check your account for you)

Hope you get it sorted :slight_smile:


This is still broken and no-one from Starling has replied about this. I’ll contact CS and raise a complaint.


Absolutely appalling response from Lola in CS, basically repeating the same useless information saying look in the Payees screen but I kept explaining that the Payee screen doesn’t show last paid information either.

Asked to raise a complaint, they say they have and closed the Chat AGAIN . No complaint reference.



and now you are preventing me from starting a new chat:


This is bad I think stopping you communicate is just not right. I just checked I was able to connect in-app chat to make sure that if that is down or not.


I think past payments are shown on android but not iOS.


I’m on Android, past payments don’t work either.


I thought they were shown when you went into the direct debit and the options and it showed previous payments


I still can’t access chat.

If you’re not prepared to speak to me, send me a deadlock and I’ll take this further.


As a matter of interest @Chalky have you gone into the individual DD and then the three dots at top and see if it gives you history. I am sure I saw this when I was on android I know its not available on ios.


Under the 3 dots I get Cancel Payment and on the Upcoming screen all I get is Date to be confirmed.


Sorry I thought had seen it.


No problem, at least you tried. Unlike Starling.


It’s clear by Starling’s recent actions that I’m not welcome here so I’ve asked CS to close my community account.


That’s a shame @Chalky but you have to do what’s right for you. Shame Starling couldn’t respond on here or in app.


It could just be a misunderstanding or a technical issue.

Perhaps hold fire until they provide a response?

We would hate to lose you on here. :frowning:


I am surprised and concerned no one responded here from @Starling_Employee @staff and from new @Starling_Guru

Tempted to start a new thread as #supportchalky


Hi. Looks like CS are already in contact with you @Chalky. We absolutely value your feedback and I’m sorry if you feel otherwise. I’m working on multiple ways to improve the community as it’s grown quite a bit recently. Sorry about the teething issues.


So I got a response to my formal complaint today. Conclusion: bitter disappointment.

Starling may be a ‘challenger’ bank for fintech but they are certainly not in challenger of customer service. The response was much worse than any so called legacy bank I’ve had to deal with.

This is making me reconsider Starling and join @Rjevski in closing my account. Customer Service is thousands of times more important than any bells and whistles. Especially bells and whistles that don’t even work properly.

Starling need to focus on getting basically functionality and customer service working before even contemplating anything else like Savings Pots and the like.