Direct Debit Identifier


Wondering if anyone else has seen this anomaly, I am assuming there is some vague link to the reason NatWest is used for cash in…

I just logged into my Barclaycard account, as I wanted to check my direct debit had been properly transferred from my legacy SANTANDER account to my new STARLING bank.

The Sort code and Account number look right, however, the originator bank is listed as NATWEST. Is this a bug, is it by design, or whats going on?

See screenshot…


Sounds like an issue with Barclay card as my direct debits show up as starling bank


Thanks for the tip. I might contact Barclaycard.


All 14 of my direct debits were identified by the supplier as “Starling Bank”.

It’s quite common for a new bank to acquire a sort code from a more established bank. It increases acceptance from day one. A brand new sort code will likely cause issues.

60-83-12 is used by Atom Bank, 60-83-66 is used by Fidor. Evidently, NatWest have an abundance of spare sort codes available and are the go-to bank for them. :slight_smile:

As someone else also pointed out earlier, Metro acquired their code from Barclays.

Barclaycard probably just need to update their sort code database.


Just to clarify, while up to the 1980’s there were various bodies (in England, Scotland, and N Ireland) allocating sort codes it is now normally done by a sponsoring direct participant in the process of joining the following Payment Schemes
Cheque and Credit
though N Ireland still have their own arrangements
In a few cases there are exceptions where they are directly issued by the BACS team, e.g. to international banking bodies requiring a GB coded IBAN that is SEPA compliant such as ECB
There is a really interesting guide to the eligibility and processes, but it is over 20 pages long*

*“Clearing Codes Rules v1.0.pdf” by BACS


That’s interesting. Thanks for clarifying.


Thanks for the explanation and understanding of how diet codes are allocated.


Thanks for the info all, I thought maybe as NatWest were also the cash processor there was some link that was there which made the sort codes similar…