Direct Debit 'extended info'



One of the negatives I feel with Direct Debits is the fact they’re generally ‘passive’. Looking at the DD details in my (legacy) account all they can tell me was how much the last DD payment was and when it was taken.

They don’t have any information on, for example, the frequency. This always catches me out every Oct when a Direct Debit for an annual sub is taken and I’ve forgotten about it.

I’ve not (yet) setup any Direct Debits with Starling - I’m waiting until they hopefully ‘upgrade’ Savings Goals into Money Pots and allow you to setup payments to go directly from one of those but what I would like would be something like this:

Starling receives new DD instruction
Notification in app is displayed that a new DD has been setup with an option to add additional information for your records.
Go into the DD screen

  • option to advise of frequency every x number of weeks, every x number of months, every x number of years or ad-hoc (for DD’s setup by the likes of Paypal etc). Obviously this DOESN’T actually set the frequency (that’s controlled by the originating service provider) but it would be useful if Starling every offered an ‘advance budget management’ service similar to
  • option to give an estimated amount per payment or to tell Starling to work it out based on the previous bill or average of x number of bills. (again - useful if Starling offered ‘advanced budget management’)
  • option to set a ‘friendly’ name which will appear in your statement (ie ‘Gym Membership’, ‘Mobile Phone Bill’).

You may already do this but if not, it would be good if you could consider it?


That’s a great idea. My legacy account tells me whether the DD is monthly, annually etc. I don’t get this with Starling.

It would be nice to set a day of the month on my monthly DDs and have them show up in scheduled payments. (Or day/month combo for my annual ones)


I just want the option of an advance notification for outgoing direct debits to give me a day’s warning of anything unexpected.