Direct Debit Delays


Has anyone else noticed a delay with Direct Debits being taken this month? All of mine should haved gone today, including my mortgage. They usually get taken between 00:30 and 01:30. Some of them did get paid at that time but most are yet to leave my account.

Could @StarlingSupport comment please as I’m concerned that my mortgage payment in particular hasn’t been processed yet.


I noticed exactly the same thing today. In fact I received a notification of a DD going out 5 minutes ago. They seem to be going out, but slowly.

There is one odd thing though; I checked in the app and it showed my mortgage DD as last paid today. However, the notification has only just come through some time later. That means either the last paid date was wrong, as in it showed today even though it hadn’t been paid yet, or it’s just the notifications that are delayed


I’ve literally just had my mortgage DD notification pop up. It definitely wasn’t showing as paid in the app and my balance reflected that.

I don’t know if it’s gone through now on its own or if someone from CS had intervened following me posting on here. Would be nice to know as if it was a problem that required manual intervention and was only picked up because I posted, then I’d be extremely disappointed. I know there are ongoing card issues, which is annoyingly but manageable, but any problems with DDs would see me switching everything back to Nationwide. I absolutely cannot have a situation where DDs aren’t paid on time.

Would really appreciate a Starling response on this.


Mine seem ok, came out at 1am as normal.


I only had 1 DD to go out today, a £1.75 one to DVLA. Apparently it went through at 1:06 this morning.

Odd that both of you specifically had issues with Mortgage payments. Wonder if that is due to the amount or merchant?


My Dvla direct debit went out today but my loan payment has not and is due out today. When I spoke to customer services I was told this was asked for on Friday but takes 2-3 days.


Mine shows as being paid at 07:25, shortly after I posted on here. I appreciate it could just be a coincidence but I’d really like to know if there is an issue affecting DDs today.


I only mentioned the mortgage as it’s one that’s most important.

I’ve had 7 direct debits go out today to various places. They’ve been slowly drip feeding through since the early hours. It’s definitely not mortgage related


Last month’s mortgage payment went at 01:05, around the same time as the rest of my DDs. In fact, all my SOs and DDs were paid between 00:42 and 01:06.

A number of my DDs went out today around 01:30, then another around 02:30, another at 04:30, then my mortgage DD at 07:25.


That mirrors my experience, with payments spread through the morning.

My times were


I know a couple more are still to leave.


Just checked and my loan went out fine last month on the 1st at 1.04 but nothing today. Dvla fine last month and today.


Ah right, I get what you mean! I’d be worried too if I had mortgage payments payments not going out.

I only have the one today.

Maybe processing is slow because so many people seem to have a lot doing out on the first working day of the month? Maybe the systems are ‘degraded’ because of the card issues from yesterday and they’re having to process a lot more than normal? Still shouldn’t cause an issue though because they should be able to scale up. But as we’ve seen from the MSE thing, that’s not always true?

I guess a lot of people get paid in the last working day of the month? It’s odd for me and the other half because one of us gets paid in the 7th and the other on the 21st, so timing DDs are a nightmare!


Yeah, I’m having this issue also, they are slowly being processed just have my mortgage left. But they are normally processed at 12:30 I also noticed that the payments screen never updated after a DD processed I.e. last paid was still showing as last month. App kill fixed it though


When I asked customer services this morning they said they were no issues with direct debits.


I beg to differ


Maybe that’s technically correct, if they do get paid today. I don’t believe there’s an obligation to pay at a certain time, only on a certain date.

I’d say unusual behaviour, rather than issue


Morning, thanks for the posts & heads up on this. We have asked some of the team to look into this but initial analysis seems systems are all ok. We will investigate further both from a systems and a Scheme perspective and come back. I’ll ensure we provide an update at 8.30



My mortgage hasn’t come out yet either - normally very prompt at 00:30. There was a delay a couple of months ago but they still came out a couple of hours later.

Getting a touch concerned…


Just my mortgage for me left, hoping they are giving me free month for being such a valued customer :smile:


Loans just been taken 7.59