Direct Debit cutoff


Hi, does Starling have a cutoff time for if money is not available in the account that the Direct Debit will be returned unpaid. I know many high Street banks offer this… 3.30 etc. I paid my first DD from Starling l noticed the DD was pending all money so wondered if there was a connection.

Apologies if l did do a proper search if this question has been answered elsewhere.


Hi! Thanks for your question.

Our Direct Debit cutoff time is 4pm. Hope that helps!

What do you use your Starling account for?

I am just going to set up a few direct debits so handy to know this.


My experience with a failed direct debit in the past was that Starling allowed the direct debit to be covered by the next day’s incoming funds and it was successfully retried around midnight the next day. I thought this was a really nice touch and fitted in with the ethos of doing things differently to make banking easier for the customer.

Now that the cut-off is 4pm this falls in line with legacy banks. It’s difficult to achieve if you need to pay in cash to Starling via NatWest. Even more difficult for those of us who start work before the banks open and don’t finish until after 4pm.

Please could Starling consider adding more flexibility here? A next day retry would be a really simple way to differentiate the account from other banks and it makes the customer feel like you are really trying to help them.