Direct Debit Changing Name


@LoganAllan @Callum

I had a Direct debut that was added to my account that showed up as ‘FRIENDS LIFE MANAGEMENT SERVICES’ and I got customer services to change this to ‘Aviva’ (which is correct).

The DD has been taken and although it’s showing in my DD list as ‘Aviva’ is reverted back to ‘FRIENDS LIFE MANAGEMENT SERVICES’ in the list of transactions. Any chance this could be changed please?

Labels for DDs

I have a few that this happens with- fed up reporting them as it seems to last one or two months max and then reverts.

It is more annoying because of the lack of consistency within the app. If the DD screen and the transaction screen reported the same it would be better.


@LoganAllan can this be looked at please?

Update Vendors
Update Vendors

It seems that previously it was being claimed using the merchant name ‘Friends Life’ or ‘Friends Life & Pensions’ they have then decided to claim this using the merchant name ‘Friends Life Investments Solution’. Bit of a strange one as to why they have used a different method this time. I’ve grouped it back under Aviva


@LoganAllan - still showing the full ‘FRIENDS LIFE MANAGEMENT SERVICES’ title in capitals. Should this be just showing as ‘Aviva’ by now?


Let me look at it, I think it was changed a few days ago, just need to confirm


Yup, it has been updated. Might just be slow to display correctly. It should display correctly in the next few days when it refreshes the cache


Yeah you did change it for me. It’s still appearing on the DD list as Aviva, but in the speningninsight it’s reverted back.


Yeah, the feed and spending insights is where the merchant data that we control is shown, so it’ll just take a little while to reflect properly


Thanks for looking at it.


This is still showing as incorrect. Should it not have changed to ‘Aviva’ by now?


I think I had a case with @Joe_Merriman where a merchant update took about 1-2 weeks to reflect properly. Do you have the DD due soon? That may cause it to hurry up


Correct my salary one took a good while.