Direct Debit bug


Hi. It seems there is a bug in Direct Debits. Scheduled Payments window shows two PayPal Direct Debits with same payment reference… (I made two payments using PayPal)


I had the same problem too I think it got to do with PayPal because that’s the only DD have two of the same thing


I’ve paid for something with PayPal (linked card) and it’s still not appeared in my direct debits yet, nor has the balance been deducted.

When it does happen I’ll see if it does same for me :sunglasses:


I’ve paid for an item using my PayPal dd and it shOws it as a expected payment but only one dd.


I asked customer service about this, as it seems only Paypal payments do this. They say its not a bug and how Paypal DD work.

“So the reason that different transactions with PayPal do not get grouped is due to the fact that PayPal provide unique references for such transactions so they are able to track these funds correctly so they can allocate them correctly.”