Direct debit address


I just want to double check the address for direct debit mandates, as I’ve seen else where on the forum to use the main address and only use the PO Box address for cheques. But the new FAQ (below), suggests using the PO Box address for both.

Which one is correct?


Yes, I saw that and am now a bit confused where I previously thought I understood it!


I would imagine that the address to put on the form is Starling HQ, but if some backwards company makes you send a paper DD mandate to Starling you still put the Starling HQ address as the bank address on the form, but send the physical piece of paper to the PO Box?

What exciting times these are that we can have whole discussions about bank addresses. This is about as legacy bank as you can get lol! You’d think we weren’t hurtling towards a Trump/Brexit armageddon after all!


It’s just that there’s an entire thread on which bank address to use for different purposes and the definitive, official answer was that cheques go to one address, everything else goes to the other. The new FAQ states otherwise.


Yes, i get that. Maybe they’re just trying to lessen the post they get from us to HQ so have updated the policy? Who knows? Not me. @StarlingSupport maybe?


The physical piece of paper is surely sent to the payee and then it’s up to them where they send it? That may reflect on which address you use?


I’d think it would be the same principle. My old business account is with Natwest. The bank branch allotted to me when i opened my account online is the Brighton Business hub which goes on forms. DD mandates have to be sent to their contact centre in Ashford.

Good to see you’re back again! Did you pop over to the other post and introduce yourself to the community @Flintstone? It’s always good to get to know new members and how we can help them get the most out of the community! :grinning:


The paper direct debit mandate has a box for “branch address”.

So yes, while in reality they post it to any address they like, I’d be annoyed if they sent it anywhere other than where my bank is located. The issue is, in one thread it says HQ, but the new FAQ says the PO Box.

If @StarlingSupport could confirm the correct address, that would be appreciated.


I received my Business card today.

The return address on the envelope is the same - so one would imagine it would get to them.

That being said @StarlingSupport need to actually take note here and confirm the address, probably removing any reference to the old address too.

And actually do it, rather than pretending the thread doesn’t exist.


If you were to setup the DD online and it requires an address, then you use 3rd floor, 2 Finsbury Ave, London EC2M 2PP, but if you’re trying to send us a paper mandate, then you will need to use the PO Box


Thanks for clarifying @LoganAllan. Perhaps the FAQ could be updated to reflect this?

Friday morning I sent off 2 paper DD mandates, and put HQ address on them based on the other post I linked to above. Should I expect these to be returned to me, or will they still be handled ok?


I’m still catching up - will need to check the new FAQs and get back to you on that



Just a little update here. I sent off the DD mandate forms with the Starling HQ address on (not the one in the FAQ). I’ve had confirmation that one of the mandates have been set up successfully :+1:

No update on the other 2 yet mind you, but it’s progress nonetheless, even if I used the wrong address.

@Luke_Furnell - I’ve just seen your post saying you’re looking for feedback on the FAQs. Would be good to have the above confirmed and FAQ updated if required.


Hi everyone! :wave:

I’ve been working on getting a clear answer to this question this week, because I appreciate it’s a bit confusing at the moment. We’ve just updated the FAQ on the community, and this will also change on the website soon.

I’m going to go into more detail here to explain the situation fully:

Basically anything account-related (cheques and Direct Debit mandates) should be sent to our PO Box address, and you shouldn’t really need to send anything to our office address. It’ll still reach us if you send it to our office address, but the PO Box is the fastest way because everything sent to the PO Box goes directly to our Payment Operations team for processing.

The complication is that sometimes when you’re asked for a ‘branch address’ for setting up a Direct Debit, it means the organisation is actually going to send us a paper mandate through the post. This means for anything Direct Debit related it’s always best to use the PO Box address, just in case they’re going to send it to us.

As far as I’m aware, branch address isn’t actually required any more if the organisation is sending us the Direct Debit mandate electronically. It might be left on some organisations’ forms though from the days when it was required, or if they’re planning to send us a paper mandate.

I hope that clarifies things! If you have any more questions then I’ll do my best to answer. :smiley:


Nice to have it confirmed again.

I’ve had to give a branch address for Starling more than once this year. Sadly companies are still backwards when it comes to technology and some still ask for irrelevant information, including government organisations.


Thanks @Max_Marroni - that certainly does help. Appreciate you clarifying this for us and updating the FAQ too :slight_smile: