Difficulty adding bank account to PayPal


I have had some difficulty adding my Starling account to PayPal.

On the PayPal website it would come up with the error ‘We can’t move forward - we couldn’t verify your account’. I have tried this a few times and get the same error each time.

Perhaps this is because I haven’t had my account long (about 3 weeks) and it doesn’t show up on credit reports?

I called PayPal customer service and after asking me a bunch of security questions (and the “branch address”!) they were able to add it to my account, but I am still waiting for the verification code transaction to show up.


@Luke_McCarthy I think may be worth contacting Starling customer services about this.


Unless it’s been a few days, I wouldn’t worry too much about the verification code yet.

It sounds like your bank account is being added to PayPal am I right? (as opposed to your debit card, PayPal treats them differently.

When you confirm your bank account with PayPal, a direct debit is created and that is then passed on as a charge, with the verification number in the transaction details, this takes a few days, as the Direct Debit system doesn’t allow for instant payment requests, so give it a week or so before you need to be concerned.

If and when you add your Starling Debit card (which PayPal will see as a separate account), confirming that involves a debit card transaction, which you will get a notification in Starling pretty instantly, I literally just did it and it came up in my notifications and even included the verification code!


The PayPal guy said it might show up in 15 minutes, but could take up to 4 days. I will wait a few days before contacting Starling customer services.

I had no problem adding the debit card, the verification code showed up immediately.


I’ve only had my account for approx. 4 days and I added my Starling bank account to PayPal this afternoon, confirmed the direct debit authorisation immediately and within seconds had a notification and a debit of .01p into my account from PayPal with my verification code.

Not sure why you had so much trouble, but most things with PayPal, they always say things may take upto 3/4 days. I’d contact them after that, otherwise they’ll just ask you to wait - which is just as frustrating!

Just make sure you have notifications in the Starling aspp turned on, and you’ll be advised when PayPal has made a credit with your code.


I found getting the verification code to set up my DD instant, I had the code within seconds and copied it back into PayPal.

I found it took a few days to a week for the DD to be set up and then show in the Starling app.


I had absolutely no issues setting up PayPal with Starling, nor did my partner and she spends her life buying **** on eBay! I’m pretty sure the Verification Code was pretty much instantaneous in both cases.


I guess I was probably unlucky and tripped one of PayPal’s automated security algorithms by accident. I still haven’t seen any transaction on my account yet, maybe it is going through some manual process or something. Starling might get the direct debit instruction by snail mail…


Sounds probable. That’s just reminded me, when I tried to make my first withdrawl to my Starling account I had to wait because apparently I’d triggered some random “are you using it for business” process for no readily apparent reason! It’s not until I pressed PayPal that they actually told me!


So it has been over a week now, and there is still no confirmation code payment, but there is a Direct Debit for Paypal on my account.


Called PayPal again and they finally sent the confirmation code!


I didn’t get a code for days. So I deleted the bank and re-added it. I got one second time round, in literally seconds. Probably just unlucky.


No problems my end with this