Differentiating between read and unread posts


I’ve noticed in the last day or so, its harder to tell the difference between posts you have read and those you have not.

Yes you can click on unread, but I used to just scroll down click on the ones I haven’t. Now its harder to see. My eyesight isn’t bad, but for those that do not have the best eyesight it can be difficult to tell the difference now.



I use a Stylebot to manipulate the forum to display how I want. I do this with a few sites.

Might be worth a shot if you’re so inclined. :slight_smile:


Can you explain this further @Lewys?



So it’s a Chrome Extension that allows you to manipulate a web page’s appearance.

Once installed, you can open the extension and select the element on the page you wish to manipulate. There’s a menu that allows you to change various things like the font type, size, colour and various other things. Once saved, your design will override the website design - just for you.

It doesn’t normally look like this, just as an example.


Thanks. I can feel a bit of experimentation coming on.


There’s some reset buttons at the bottom of the menu on the right. :wink:


Sounds like a plan @Lewys, is there a Mac version do you know? R-


I’ll personally rather it just went back to how it was before so I wouldn’t need anything else.

But for those that like to tinker with things the browser addon may work.


If it helps, just adding /unread to the main URL shows just the unread topics.


Or click here

Although, I don’t believe this shows new topics, but you can use /new too


You are able to set up your notifications so that a counter of new posts appears next to each topic - which may be helpful?

Just visit this page but change the username to your username: https://community.starlingbank.com/u/jamespratley/preferences/categories


That only works if you have entered a topic, I’m on about it used to be clear when a new topic had been posted because it was bolder. Now it blends in.

I have the Number in a circle by posts I have been in already, its ones I have not been in.

As you can see something I’ve not read is slightly darker, it used to be more darker, so easier to see.



True - although we’ve not edited the settings for this. I’ll look into it!