Different addresses for Sole Trader account and personal account


I noticed that the Sole Trader business account used my home address, I actually use a different address normally for business, so if I change the address in app will it also change my home address on my personal account ?


If it’s you registered address then it shouldn’t be an issue as far as I’m aware, best speak to CS as you business account normally shows the address your business is registered at on Companies House.


Hey @daedal

I’ll take a look into this and get back to you tomorrow with an exact answer.

We use your personal address for the card delivery but I am unsure as to whether you’re able to have a different business address on a sole trader account (I know you can on LTD company accounts though)


Ok, so I have just had confirmation that the address will need be the same and there isn’t a way to change it right now. It isn’t something that is being considered at the moment due to the majority of sole traders using their personal address.

I will raise it with the product squad :+1:t3:


Thanks for the confirmation.

I’m sure you will find as more and more sole traders register a lot don’t use their home address, it’s not a major problem at the moment, but definitely something that should be considered the ability to have different addresses.

I know a friend that operates from an office in his garden which actually has a slightly different address 14a instead of 14.


I have previously used the address of my accountant, so I also agree it is a good idea.


When I was a sole trader, we run the business from rented office space. Where I live is unfortunately classed as a low income area so many businesses actually have the offer of a free holding address, which is a council building. It’s available specifically for those not wanting to use their home address.