Device limit reached



every so often the app logs me out so I need to reinstall the app and must re-register my device. It happened again on Sunday. When I went to log-in again I found out I had reached my device limit so could you remove all my old devices so I can get back into my bank account.

I emailed support on Sunday afternoon with no reply. I’ll be honest I expect better support and fewer issues for a bank that can only be accessed through an app.


Have you contacted by chat?


This once happened to me and I reached out to support via the website and they removed the previous devices.


no through the email where they claim to reply usually within “2 hours”


Thanks, I’ll see if I can get through there.


Please let me know if this is not resolved ASAP.


Been 20 minutes, this live chat doesn’t seem very “live”.

edit: 30 minutes

You took my breath away

Please can you help out Jason @patrick


Hopefully this will be resolved as soon as possible. I really wish I could help, my customer support instincts are kicking in :joy:


I finally managed to get through and its all sorted!


Awesome. Glad it’s sorted.


Hi I’m also having to uninstall and reinstall the app on a daily basis running iOS 11 any advice welcome


Let’s get this sorted. What’s the issue?


Hi it seems that every day I have to uninstall and re install the app. When I try to log in it takes me to a update your app screen and from there to the App Store, but no update available. This then crates new devices as I reinstall although it’s the same phone, wait and see until tomorrow to see what happens .running iOS 11.2 on 6s


Are you using a VPN or public WiFi by any chance?

Someone had a similar issue in this thread…


No neither, has now done the same as described…in the other post