Deposits/shared costs shown in Pulse/Spending Insights


I had this thought today. I’ve bought some tickets for myself and 3 friends and they’ve subsequently paid me back (very quick transactions :smirk:). The problem is that the pulse displays that I’ve spent the total price of the ticket and doesn’t factor in that 75% of that spend is now back in my account through my friends deposits.

What I’m suggesting is either a way to see money added to the account today in pulse, or a way to offset the spend number based on money added. I’m unsure how it would be displayed, possibly by consuming a part of the circle and showing the total deposited under spent?


Hey @josdaw! I love this idea, in fact something pretty similar was suggested for Direct Debits. I’ll make sure the team see this one. :smiley:


Actually, @GazB also suggested this one! :smiley:


We are definitely look into something similar to this as part of our work to look at connected accounts. You might be able to find a transaction in your feed, and categorise it against a shared area of your account (where you pruchased something for the group) and reconcile who owes what. We’ll share some ideas in the coming weeks as they develop.


Good to hear, thanks for taking a look!


@sarah.guha while that will be nice for connected accounts I think it should also be posible for other situations like the two mentioned here where it’s just you involved. Being able to link transactions of a positive and negative value together. Another example is I got some shopping over the weekend from Sainsbury’s and then last night returned some items from that shop and it went back on to my card today BUT those transactions are not in any way linked bar the Merchant. In fact my “Spendings” section shows the initial outgoing but does NOT take account of the fact that some of that was returned.

I think a more generic ability to manually select a few transactions and link them together (maybe as children of another) would be the best for over all use. Obviously this could then be done automatically by other systems like linked accounts as well but having it separately would really help tidy up the mess that is currently my statments! :wink:


It should at least be possible to link a refund to the original transaction. I agree about the ability to link transactions together though; that could really help with budgeting.


@GazB you are right on the money here. This is exactly what I was talking about.

On an even more general basis, just logging balance increases in pulse would make it more useful. Currently I just swipe straight to the transaction list.

This is an area where Monzo excels. The graph is useful and works.