Depositing cash via paypont


Hi, i would love to have the ability to deposit cash into my account using paypoint and at the post office. I see that monese have this and they arent even a proper bank. If starling were to get this it would be a big step in the right direction in my opinion. The more convenient the service is the more likely people are to use it and stick with it :slight_smile:


I definitely agree with this!


I agree too on this.


I also have Monese and while the Post Office deposits are cheaper they take longer so I always use PayPoint so they appear instantly in my account.


I have deposited cash via NatWest twice now. This works well despite the cashiers not knowing about Starling Bank and requiring persuading to check the account on their systems. My nearest NatWest is 7 miles away. My nearest paypoint is 100 yards so this would be far more convenient.


We’re exploring a few options here, include the Post Office. I’ll drop any updates in this other thread when I have them! :slight_smile:

Cash Withdrawals & Deposits at the Post Office