Depositing Cash Abroad


Hi Everyone,

Long story short:

Is there a way to deposit cash when overseas? I understand the UK uses NatWest. Is there an affiliated bank in Europe?

Long story long:

I’m 20 years old and currently with a standard high street bank as I have been since I got my first debit card. Slightly anxious about changing banks as I’ve never done anything like that before. I’m sure the switch guarantee will take care of all that stuff anyway.

So I’m looking at taking a year out and going travelling next year. I’ve been looking around at different payment options when overseas and I think that Starling is the ideal solution.

Now, to the issue that I want to address. I’ve been reading about cash deposits. From what I gather, you need to go into Nationwide and deposit through an actual bank teller.

I’m looking at taking a guitar around Europe and doing some busking to help pay some of my expenses. I’d rather not cart around a load of coins in a bag for three reasons:

  1. It’s a fair amount of weight to carry round.
  2. It will take up a fair amount of space.
  3. I will be a walking, talking piggy bank. (Increased chance of a mugging. Sorry for my poor metaphor.)

So my question is, Is there a bank chain or other establishment in Europe (or even just a specific country) that I could deposit cash?

I understand this is a weird request and will be used by the masses very rarely. However, you don’t ask, you don’t get!

Any feedback, opinions or experiences of banking abroad would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks guys!


Starling uses NatWest; all payments go into the same Starling Bank account and the reference is your surname and account number. Support for paying directly into your account via the Post Office will arrive soon though. :slight_smile:

As far as I’m aware, currently there is no way to pay cash directly into a Starling account abroad.


My mistake!

I didn’t think there was a way… Never mind! Besides, with my musical talent, I’ll probably only be carrying a quid at a time anyway! Haha


Could you use a service like Western Union?


Not sure?

I’m sure a workaround can most likely be found? International payments is definitely not my forte. :stuck_out_tongue:


Good shout Dan! I’ll have a look into that now. Do you recon they’d accept a load of loose change? Perhaps I should just keep the larger denominations (20 cents +) and donate the coppers to charity. Like a musical robin hood? :joy:

I’ve just had a quick look and WU say they can pay into mobile accounts? You could be on to something!


Fingers crossed! And the best part is, I only charge a nominal 15% for consultation and advice! :wink:


Not sure if I can stretch to that like! How about I upload a touching cover of ‘Wonderwall’ from Barcelona dedicated to you! :wink:


Haha, DEAL! :smile:


Depends which country you are in, but very few banks allow you to deposit cash into a UK account abroad, the largest is Barclay’s but even they are dropping a lot of their arrangements as its not cost effective.

Western Union is a good option, they offer free bank transfers in some countries and have lots of local places you can deposit the cash, then transfer it to a UK bank account.