Delayed transactions


For the first time ever I just experienced a delay with a transaction appearing. The notification popped up instantly, I clicked into the app and my balance had been updated but it didn’t show on the Pulse. Viewing the transaction list, it didn’t appear there either.

I refreshed, exited the app, went back in… nothing. Five minutes later I tried again and it appeared.

It’s not a major issue but I haven’t seen it before. Just wondered if there’s anything at Starling’s end this morning that might explain it?

Missed/delayed transaction
Missed/delayed transaction

I had the same thing with a transaction from Saturday morning that only appeared as a notification on Monday morning. When I checked the money had been taken, but wasn’t in the list of transactions…


I get this issue regulary.

For me it has been working fine for ages and only recently has this started to happen.


Hello. I made a purchase at Holland & Barrett today…
But this payment doesn’t appear in my feed?!
And I received double notification about Tesco transaction…


Hi, this doesn’t sound quite right, reach out to CS in-app or hopefully @StarlingSupport can resolve.


Can you try and manually refresh the feed and see if this resolves?


What I find more worrying is that you received two notifications for Tesco Pay+.


This has been happening for a while for me. Last one at lunch time today. But it’s been going for a while.


I get double notifications sometimes.

Has your balance updated to reflect what you spent at holland & barratt ?


I had a similar experience yesterday for the first time and posted about it:

Haven’t had a response on here as yet.


Hello all!

I want to deal with this in the one thread rather than the 2.

@Mogolent - can you get in touch with CS please so we can check the notifications that we can see on our side.

@danmullen - I’m going to create a ticket and message you as soon as I can and let you know what I can see on our side

@itfcdeano - quick question, was this transaction a charge for transport by any chance?


Hi all, we have now identified the cause and fix is in progress.


Never mind that then, looks like the team is aware of the issue :+1:t3:


Thanks very much @Kris and @LoganAllan. Can you share what the cause was? I suspected it was something introduced in a recent version of the app as it has never happened before.


I mean you asked… :slight_smile:

It’s actually on the server side that the delay is occurring. We run a number of distributed services communicating with each other asynchronously. In terms of a card authorisation, there is the service to connect to MasterCard, the balance service, a push notification service and the service that drives the feed view on your phone (simplified, some other services / DBs are involved as well). The service that connects to MasterCard distributes the relevant updates to the other services in near real time (hence the fast push notification).

In addition to authorising new transactions, at certain times of the day we also get transaction finalisation messages from MasterCard. These arrive down the same interface, but in blocks of many thousands of transactions a minute for a sustained period. They also need sending to your feed, to change the status from ‘pending’ to ‘settled’. During the settlement periods, a queue can build up of changes to propagate to statement. We deliberately throttle the traffic to avoid overloading the statement services (to keep them responsive to the phones). The requests which will add new card transactions onto the feed were then getting stuck in a queue behind tens of thousands of finalisation messages.

Today we’ve split the workers sending finalisation messages from those sending new transactions so they should appear immediately, regardless of other work going on in the system. We are testing it now, and assuming all looks good, should put the change live tomorrow.


Thanks very much for the detailed update @sam, really appreciate it :+1:t2:


I’ve experienced that a few times, and I think it occurs when I am not on 3G or 4G or wifi. It’s not an issue I’ve raised and it do3nt cause me a problem, but if it’s not a mobile connectivity issue it may be something that Starling need to look into.


Sam confirmed :point_up_2:t2: It’s a server side issue, that’ll be resolved once Starling are happy with the testing.


A very :nerd_face: explanation, thanks, Sam!