Delay app locking


I frequently switch between Starling and other apps - e.g. my budgeting app, online banking apps, etc.
Is it possible to add a time delay so that Starling doesn’t immediately require you to re-enter your pin/fingerprint - e.g. don’t auto-lock for x minutes.


Sarah said in another thread that if you close it and open it within 30 seconds you don’t need to unlock it again.

For security reasons I can’t see any bank allowing it for much longer.

I’ve just checked on my phone and I didn’t need to use my fingerprint again when I closed it and opened it in less than 30 seconds, so definitely works like that on Android.


FYI NatWest has a 2 min timeout, and Monzo allows you to disable authentication on launch completely.


Monzo doesn’t show your card number, so no one can do much without your card, you can’t send payments etc.

Starling does show your card details.

Not sure if Natwest show card details or not, 2 mins isn’t overly long, but long enough for someone to sneak a peak if you go to the toilet etc.


That’s true, they would have to be hidden until authenticated, which I can happily live with.

I never leave my phone unlocked and unattended. I’d say it’s more to cover someone grabbing the phone from your hand when you’re using it (and not accidentally turning it off in the process).