Deferred Settlement - Completely Hopeless


As i understood it, more than 10k and you couldn’t use a card, yes. Faster Payment is the other option though since that’s 25k i think?


With a business account, the rules surely need to be different. Part of building a relationship with your bank ought to include likely transaction behaviour such as you describe.

I hope that will be factored in as part of developing the business account.


Or even a staged increase like some providers do. Have a base level then once you’ve had your account for so long and have shown responsible usage, allow an option to increase. Megan (and the team) listened and acted quickly on lowering the faster payments limit, and while i imagine this is far less cut and dry or suitable for a quick fix, i would like to think that, as you say @Graham, we know the business accounts offer was introduced at a basic level to be further developed so this will change in some way going forward.


And this sort of feedback will inform the development of the account, no doubt.


That’s right, you can’t use you card for large transactions - even CS can’t help if the company you’re paying doesn’t take Faster payments. Caught me out :frowning:


The main reason I pay by card is that it gives me a few extra days to get customer payments in. With faster payment or direct debit I’d lose a day or 2.

I saw a suggestion earlier to be able to resolve this in app. Although neither solution from my legacy banks are perfect, anything that involves “permission” from CS on the phone feels like a step backwards to me

I think for now I’ll continue to maintain the old accounts. Hopefully Starling will put all that “challenger bank” energy at this problem and come up with an amazing solution

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It’d be handy to lodge this with the business account team. Be good to know they’ve heard this.


Please don’t exclude personal account holders from any spending limit increases. They have as much reason to want to be able to spend as much as they choose in a single transaction. As has been suggested above an in app toggle would allow a limitless spend without reducing fraud protection.