Declined withdrawal


My Starling card has declined twice using this cash machine


I had a look on the website for the ATM provider; no real information on what network the machine is on? May not be a LINK network machine?

Anyone know what machines we can and can’t use our cards on?


As Starling isn’t a member of Link then it being a link ATM would make no difference.

Think it’s more than likely it needs it’s bin range updating, it reminds me of Citibank cash machines in Asia which don’t accept either US or Eu issued Citibank cards


This cash machine is actually in the canteen of my place of work.


@sarah.guha how do we go about resolving this?


Thank you. Hopefully we will sort it.


Hey @Joe_Merriman! Would you mind flagging this one with our customer service team? :slight_smile:


Will do it now.


Emailed a screen shot of the machine to help@starling cheers @JamesPratley


As it uses the link network we’re unable to use it.


It has been confirmed as LINK machine. Disappointing as I cannot use it and it’s on my works campus :frowning:


Have I understood correctly that you’ve been told by customer services that Starling customers can’t use Link ATMs?

If so that’s probably going to be a big issue for me and yet another blocker to moving over to Starling as my main account. I so want to move over, but it seems like every day I’m finding another reason not to make the switch.


I’m yet to find a machine personally that doesn’t work with Starling and I work in a large shopping mall with multiple different banks ATM’s.


Starling isn’t part of link, it’s MasterCard only. Most ATMs support link MasterCard and Visa


I am yet to come across an ATM which the card hasn’t worked in.

Guess I have been lucky :slight_smile:


Thankfully it’s in one of our work restaurants, so I won’t worry too much.


Given mastercard own 92% of link, it wouldn’t surprise me if link and mastercard schemes merge


I’ve had the same situation unfortunately. I got a “chip card has not been initialised at this ATM” error. James in CS confirmed that it was a Link machine so wouldn’t work.

No timescale on Link membership though, unfortunately.


I have successfully used my card in Link machines that display a MasterCard logo


In that case, It must also use the MasterCard network.