Declined payment



I’ve just had a payment declined online - not a huge amount (£20-£30), and I received a message saying I needed to speak to my bank and the funds would be automatically returned to me in a few days.

I don’t see the transaction anywhere in my feed and I don’t think my balance had been reduced.

I tried again with a different card from another bank and it went through fine. I’m just wondering if there are any known issues with online card payments at the moment?



Bought some clothes from ASOS online about half an hour ago, no issues here


Maybe an issue with the lack of 3D Secure? Have you used your Starling card on the website before @danmullen ?


I had a very, very slow notification on Amazon earlier.


Not on this particular website but I’ve used it online previously. I was wondering if it could be the lack of 3D Secure.

I’ve dropped a message to CS.


I don’t believe Amazon attempt to charge the card straight away.


Correct. Your charged upon the item(s) being dispatched.


The same happened at Smiths the other day, took about 5 minutes for the notification to come through.


I get the occasional delay notification or non existent notifications every so often.


Made online by payment last night didn’t get a starling notification and this morning got an email from supplier that the transaction failed. (Business account)


I got a response from CS. They suggested it could be the lack of 3D Secure but they made no reference to the fact I was told charges would be reversed. As my balance hasn’t been affected I’ll just leave it at that, though I’m really disappointed I can’t pay for certain things using my bank account and have to resort to a credit card. Not great for budgeting. It was only cinema tickets!


Was it Vue by any chance?


No, it was Cineworld.


I’ve used cineworld before with no issues.


I’ve had a different issue with Vue. Not declining, but freezing on the 3D Secure checks and then taking the money but not actually booking the film. The amount then remains as pending for 5 days or so before being returned to me.

It’s happened twice now so I’ve had to use another card to book.


Could be a similar issue to what I experienced.


If their website is anything like their app, then there’s no hope.