Declined EE payment


Hi. Has anybody had trouble using debit card for phone payments with ee. Ive had mine declined ee say its starling and starling says its a problem at ee end.


I’ve had no trouble with EE (or anything else), my Direct Debit goes out ok and when I used my card in an EE store all worked ok too.
I’d suggest contacting CS if you haven’t already


I believe this has been noted before, DD’s are working fine. EE need to update their billing system for direct sales to accept Starling it would seem.

@JamesPratley @sarah.guha Would Starling be able to look further into this and hopefully request EE to update their systems?


Starling have contacted EE about this multiple times…

Perhaps a report to BACS would help.


I don’t think Starling are unique in having issues with Debit Card payments with EE so definitely think it more of an EE issue than a Starling one.

I have a feeling I’ve said that before somewhere!


Hi all. Thanks for the replys its down too EE then i will try and set up a direct debit instead


If you have, Chalky, there’s no harm repeating it. It’s the sort of intelligence which calms nerves :slightly_smiling_face::+1:


Doing a quick search looks like there’s similar problems over at Monzo, Tide, etc. Looks like EE update their BIN and Sort Code Databases once every blue moon!

In fact, our own @MIROW (assuming it’s the same chap and not a catfish using the same avatar!) has reported similarly over on the Tide forum.


Yep, and he ought to know - @MIROW is as “FinTech’d” as it gets. :grinning::+1:


Yep. Me on those forums.

Fidor UK also had the same problems.


I’m hoping that Barclays changing their BIC as part of the ring fencing process will give a kick up the backside to any companies that currently don’t accept any of the new fintech ones?

Barclays’ new ring-fenced bank will be issued with a new Bank Identification Code (BIC)


I’m changing bank. EE is the largest mobile provider in the UK yet I can’t make payment. Never had an issue before. Bye starling


This is very much a EE problem and not a Starling one. :frowning:

I’m very surprised that EE haven’t bothered to update their system yet.


That or Starling could have gone to EE’s offices and ‘fixed their systems’ just like they did with GPS so as their customers would no longer have issues making payment :eyes:


Regardless of whose problem it is, it’s the customer that suffers.

This could potentially affect a person’s future creditworthiness through no fault of their own.


Erm - no they really couldn’t. Starling is a contracted customer of GPS and would have a service level agreement with them. So, if GPS was struggling to meet that, Starling were within their rights to say ‘Ok - we’re sending our guys around to fix it’.

However, EE is just a merchant and there’s no contract between EE and Starling. All Starling can do it point out to EE the problem and hope that they take it seriously enough to take action on it. They can’t force EE to update their systems.


Considering that Direct Debits are fine with EE, I doubt this. I’m sure Starling and the other fintech banks affected have this under control and are doing all they can.


I had a DDM with Orange (part of EE) fail in February. I now have a single defaulted payment I’m on my otherwise exemplary credit file.

I speak from experience. These things can have a negative consequence.


@Johnny I’d have that looked into; I’m with EE and the switch went ahead flawlessly.

I’ve also not seen any other EE/T-Mobile/Orange DD problems on here before either?


I’ve not used Starling and EE, my experience is in relation to First Direct and Orange (EE).

I’m talking specifically about defaulted payments negatively affecting a credit file regardless of bank. I hope that clarifies the point I intended to get across.