Decimal place is not working


Huawei issue again! The decimal key is not working! I am trying to move money around or pay someone £5.50 , the “.” doesnt appear so it becomes £550. I think you guys definitely need to test on Huawei devices, its a second largest smart phone manufacturer.


Have you reported this to the in app support? @StarlingSupport


Hi @Anshuman_Sengupta I’m a fellow Huawei user (P8 Lite 2017, EMUI 5, Android 7.0); what keyboard, device and EMUI/Android version are you using?

I can successfully setup a payment of £1.50 in both my goals and as a payment; although I do use Fleksy as my keyboard of choice.


Yes I have…


It’s P10 plus, EMUI 5.1 (your one is last EMUI), android 7.0
Am using SwiftKey.


Curious?! I enabled SwiftKey; updated to the latest version and I couldn’t replicate this for myself:

I can only think that SwiftKey may show different punctuation by default for different languages? Can I ask what language your keyboard is in by default?

I know with Fleksy I have to press the numbers key and then the extra punctuation key to find the underscore for example.